Friday, March 30, 2012

Hunna has a birthday...

It was Hunna's Birthday a week ago..

We put on our fancy clothes and took a trip down a lane

It was delicious as usual. The meat was like cutting through butter, as usual. 
I like it medium/rare. 

Don't ask me how old he is because for two years in a row (a few years back) he stayed 25 - so i got muddled up and he's not here to ask -- at least I remembered what day it was ok!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

He works hard for the money

Boy and Hunna decided to get down on all fours and fix a couple pieces in the deck.

Boy got his own special tool belt with a REAL minnie hammer and screwdrivers  a couple months ago- ever since he has been SUPER excited about helping Dadda out around the house.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ian Potter Gallery

The other week Wednesdays with Will turned into a Tuesday with Will.

We met up and all went in to have a look at the gallery.

We ended up at the Ian Potter Gallery (because the NVG is closed on Tuesdays) in the kids section and the boys played and played.

It was actually a really good place for them to explore (after the stinky rough kids had left)

(Besties helping each other through the tunnel)

weird turtles on the wall..

the stripey rainbow entrance..

There were some Japanese tourists around as we walked through the gallery. Mel speaks Japanese and told me that they were saying our kids are cute. So I suppose they're cute in several languages then ;)

When we were in the elevator we shared it with 3 Japanese women and I think they were quite surprised when Mel started talking to them! So nice to have a bi-lingual spy!

Thanks for playing guys!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Round-Up..

A few things have been happening around here..

Turns out I am excellent at the claw when we go to the movies and am rather happy with my penguin win.

Boy is obsessed with taking his clothes off -- He will point at his t-shirt and pull it up to let you know he doesn't want it on anymore. Then he will continue to point and pull on different items of clothing until there is nothing left on.

(I don't mind because he is so darn cute eating his breakfast nude)

We love his new lumberjack hat.

Eating Nando's for a special treat

Helping with the piling it around himself.

A family hat obsession is occurring since we are going into colder weather.

Boy has a new scarf ready for winter..(ok not really happy to wear it just yet)

His obsessions don't stop at being naked. He is also obsessed with "shoeses" (his word for shoes) I keep reminding him that shoe is singular and shoes is the plural but he looks at me as if to say "whatever Mum"

The other week we bought his favourite "shoeses" his new gumboots, now he must wear them everywhere. (mostly the rest of him is naked except for the gumboots)

He is climbing the ladder in the pantry and opening sauce lids and the like to taste. Last time he found the honey and now he is in LOVE.

Finally getting his cup full of honey to eat to his hearts content.

exety oh ex OH

Monday, March 12, 2012

Angry Birds take #2

This morning we woke up and all we could think about was playing Angry Birds. Warning - the following includes lots of pictures which may or may not include a still PJ'd family.

The pigs awaiting their fate.

spot the angry bird..

 zoom (it flies higher than the roof)

 The sling shot

Of course Boy had a turn, he was a pretty good shot too!

We have been taking it in turns (yay for family sharing - and the last person who is the shooter gets to set up the scene for the next shooter.)

Its all fun games at the shire on Labour Day!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Angry Birds in Real Life

Last week in Primary the children knew the song we are learning for this month really well, (stand for the right) so I decided to have a bit of fun this week and play Real Life Angry Birds with them.

My inspiration came from this blog here

I couldn't find any balls the right colour and I wanted pigs that wouldn't roll all over the place so I decided to make cardboard pigs.

I started with flat white cardboard.

(scoring the edges helped for a better result)

I bent them into place.

Glued the sides together with a hot glue gun

Painted the base coat and then once that had dried - painted the eyes and nose on.

I outlined their faces with permanent marker and 
then I made some boxes up for the wood bits in the game and...

Angry Birds Real Life!

Of course you can't have angry birds without a slingshot so we purchased a piece of rubber tubing (usually used for spear fishing guns) and I sewed a pouch on to hold the bird.

This sling shot needs two people (human poles) to hold the sides and someone to pull back the bird.

The children LOVED coming into primary and seeing Angry Birds all set up.
When they toppled a pig over they rushed to see which song we were singing. (written on the back)

Some of them were "action songs" so I made up a Verb Box - another volunteer picked the action we were doing for the song.

Now we always have ideas on what actions to do!

Yay for Real Life Angry Birds...