Monday, August 25, 2008


While I was preparing for a presentation on subjectivity today I found this cute pic from way back.

Its the easter bonnet parade at Norwood I think??

Pretty cute huh!
(Just goes to show how creative I was even as a tadpole.. I can remember making a car out of empty boxes and sticky tape which even had a box flap gear stick in it. The car sat in the hall for who knows how long  )

Thursday, August 21, 2008

StRaIGht A's

Well whilst sorting through the old nostalgic items in my bedroom (searching for images for the tag) I found this wonderful piece of work...

It is my end of year report for my first year of Grade 7
I am being marked on top strand (of course)

Actually I can remember being dissappointed with the B (the teenie one down the bottom).. why you ask?

It was one of 3... hmmm (all the rest A's =D)

Yes, as a child i was clearly a let down.

N.B: When I looked at the same subject in Grade ten my results were almost the same except the amount of unexplained absences had gone up from O to 18 (for one term) sweet ;)

Clearly a child genius - who by the time grade 12 came around didn't need to go to school AT ALL to pass =) so far advanced was my ability.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I have been tagged.. 
(here we go again)

TEn YeArS AGo:

I was ah.. about ten. Which means I would be in grade 4.
My teacher was Ms. Dick; I was absolutely in love with a boy called Isaac Brown. He had that tanned beachy surfer boy look ( it's probably when i subconsciously decided I like blondes best.. yes all the best boy-friends have been blonde) 

My best friend was Dayna Watkins and we use to play Barbies at her house with Kelly and Sarah. (two other friends) cause she had the best Barbie collection ever! 

I remember that Sarahs house used to back onto the top oval at school so while waiting
 for mum to finish school id often go play with her and her brother.

On Tuesdays I had music lessons with Mrs Cover, I remember one day that I went up to Sarah's to play and I lost the button off my bib to my school pinni and I was so scared that even though they were calling me over the school P.A to the Office (mum must've been looking for me) I wouldn't go back down to school. In the end Sarahs' Mum got a phone call from the office telling her my Dad and Collette were frantically looking for me.

I had forgotten to go to music ( Mum wasn't at school anymore I assume??) from which Dad would pick me up and take me home. When he got there Mrs Cover had told him I had never turned up and they had all thought Id been nabbed on the walk from school to the music teachers house.

Oh dear!
Five Years ago

I was 14 which means I was in grade 8.
I had broken up with my grade 7 boyfriend (Patrick) at the end of the last year and was stilly awkwardly ignoring him for at least a good 8 months. (he was in my classes so this, as you must realise, was a hard task) 

Rebecca (my now best friend) had been put in my tutor group and we must've moved around about then to St Leonards because at the beginning of the year I remember going over to Lisa's house and seeing the new girl from my class sun baking on what we now call 'big rock'. (a rock which touches the back of Becas fence and is on Lisa's property) I had an epiphany right then that it would be a beautiful friendship. [ Until then I had never lived rather close to any of my friends because they all lived in Norwood and I didnt really - or they were Rachael ;) and lived up a massive hill ]  and it truly is a beautiful friendship and we often still meet at Lisas house just because its baisically in the middle of our places.

5 months ago
(gee this is pushing the memory)

It was April. What did we do in April Collette?

School I suppose? Yes, this year I started Arts School so I suppose you can say thats what happened 5 months ago? I definitly didnt give Collette her birthday present 5 months ago =D

5 things to do.

I must do my assignment for art and design
I must do my assignment for photomedia

ah.. it kinda goes like that.
Oh and paint my nails.

5 bad habits

blowing my nose in the shower (apparently Coll dislikes this)
chewing my tongue
eating too much Maccas
enjoying me time perhaps too much
daydreaming when someone is talking to me

5 places I've lived

In my bedroom
Put my bed in the bath and slept in that once
In the lounge room
Millies house
Arts School 

5 things people dont know about me

I am a sook
Scared of the dark 
I like to eat cans of beetroot, yum.
I like pickled mustard on toast, yum.
Im still convinced Collette was adopted and I am hoping the others were too ;)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Yes, thats right my furry flippant blogger friends.. i am connected =) OH the joys of iphone life.

16 gb of pure joy. My favourite things; the moo application and the woohoo button. (ah joyous joys)