Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Ryan.

This ones for you...

Bastain 8 months old - Waves good bye & says "buba" says "Mumumum" & has learnt to shake his head & army crawl around the house (often all at the same time)

Moustached Bee..hmm
So Ryan gave Bastian a cutie Bee outfit for Christmas..

Wow, Christmas seems so long ago - I can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted. So much has been happening so I'll give you the minnie run down.

Before we went away for Christmas we cancelled the contract on the house/church we were buying because after a pest inspection is had extensive termite damage (which at this stage we can't afford to fix) We were a bit sad but it was good to move on since we had been in negotiation with the (hippie) Vendors for almost 2 months and still hadn't come to an agreement.

We then found a unit in a different suburb closer to the city which we could renovate as well, so we are in the process of waiting for finance on that one - it has been such an easy transaction and these Vendors accepted our really low price (yay) so we are excited to hopefully, buy our first investment property.

The dream of renovating an old church/school house will just have to wait for the time.

Kyle is now a second year apprentice (he knocked over his first year in 6 months) I'm very proud of his work ethic, considering he gets paid nothing but still does more hours and hard labour than most people getting paid three times as much as him. I would've thrown in the towel by now, since we all know what being an apprentice can bring with it.

We spent the Christmas period chillaxing in the Brid and then with Mum & Collette explored The Great Ocean Road & Limestone Coast for a week over the new years period.

I have photos but they are all on film, waiting for my first night back in the darkroom this week to be developed - so those will come soon.

All in all we have really enjoyed our break & its good to be (seemingly) moving forward (up and out) ...