Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Public service announcement.

Boy & the Bear

Boy absolutely positively LOVES Bear. 

Bear must ride with boy on his bee.

Bear must have his nappy changed with Boy.

Bear must eat with boy.

Bear must get dressed with boy.

Bear must bathe with Boy (or pretend to)

Bear must sleep with Boy.

We don't mind so much because Boy is gentle with Bear.

Boy sings Bear lullaby's to help him sleep.

Boy gives Bear cuddles when he falls and says "you oright"

Boy loves Bear.

And we love Boy. x

Friday, May 25, 2012

2 going on 80

Boy turned the big TWO the other day.
 After last year we decided to have a quiet party at home.

We celebrated by visiting Nan and Em and going out for a special birthday dinner the night before (Boy got some presents including another angry bird to add to his collection) so the morning of his birthday we set them up so we could knock them down again.. and again.. and again.

After breakfast we put our clothes on and Gran arrived home with a special treat for Boy before we left for Tree house. Can you guess what the treat was?

Boys most absolute favourite food in the WHOLE world is blueberries. He will eat an entire punnet in 10 seconds flat.

After eating his blueberries we left for his first day at Day Care.

We only went for an hour orientation but I can tell Boy is going to have a blast when he starts for real (one day a week) next month.

I don't know what I will do with myself for a whole day ;)

That afternoon Boy helped to make his very special birthday cake (pictures further down)

After Dadda got home from work the fun began and boy had his first ever haircut.

Then we opened presents

Uncle Robert & Aunty Jess came over to celebrate with us.

We ate ALL of Boys most favourite foods for dinner.

Sliced Beetroot
Hot chips
Corn on the cob

Then it was time for the cake! (brace yourself)

A Lego cake! (or something that slightly resembles lego)

We blew out TWO candles for the big 2 year old.

Then ate our cake up.

When it was time for bed- Mumma & Dadda talked to boy about what it means to be a big 2 year old. 

Now Boy is allowed to have one side of his cot off, when he feels comfortable with that one side down we will turn it into a little boy bed. Just the right size for a big 2 year old.

Happy Birthday Bastian.

5 things we love about our Boy

1. His obsession with "shoeses"which leads to stinky feet.
2. His love for babies/dolls - or bear (the substitute) & how gentle he is with them.
3. His two footed jumping skills 
4. his sense of humour
5. his helpful side.

We love your old man ways. x

Friday, May 18, 2012


The day before Em departed we took a trip to Bowl-a-rama .. in the month of May they have a special for $1.99 games pp between 9am & 5pm which is perfect for us!

And also perfectly within in our poor person lifestyle.. although, you are only as poor as your imagination (so in this situation we were very rich!) But seriously, who knew bowling could be so expensive? Also they don't even lend you free socks anymore! You have to buy them or bring your own. So, yes ...the $1.99 games were perfect.

Boy had never been bowling before and absolutely loved walking into a place that had the most balls he had ever seen. He was in heaven and was letting us know about it by pointing excitedly and saying "wow, ball!"

Em played without the bumpers for the first time and we had a smashing time together trying to hit any pins at all..

Fun at the alley! 

The day we went bowling marked the last day with Em visiting us. Her epic 19 day stay had come to a close. Boy was particularly sad after her departure asking "Where Em?" for days to come.

We loved having you over to stay with us and injecting some life into the party that is "life at The Shire" Em. xx

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

# Part 2 (The Apostles)

Our arrival at the visitor centre included putting about 10 layers of clothing on to counteract the wind and cold. Cue costume change for the "winter" part of the day.

After a short walk we arrived at our destination.

The 12 Apostles

Em was clearly freezing.

And my hair was clearly wind blown.

but it was great to see it in some misty mysterious weather (along with 10, 000 other tourists)

I did manage to take photo's which mostly look like it was only us there though! (proud)

The board walk along the cliff side

We flitted about the boardwalk and went to different lookouts for a different view.

Boy was using the radios very effectively to communicate with himself (the other one was in his pocket)

Since we were having a no phone day we thought to bring the walkie talkies for when we were separated - Boy decided that even that was a little close to having "tech" and confiscated them ;)

The board walk along the cliff side (the other view)

Then it was time to head back to the warmth of the car.

Thanks for a great no tech day Em, we love playing with you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day Trip Part #1

I have so many photo's from the day we went to the Twelve Apostles with Em that I'll have to separate them into two bloggety blog posts.

It was like we experienced 4 seasons in one day so it may even seem like our trip was over a couple of days considering our "costume" changes.

We decided that we all really wanted to live in the moment and concentrate on having a good time together so before we left we put all out "tech" (mobile phones, ipods) in a container and placed it under the seat. We promised the only time we would get them out was if there was a major emergency.

I thought it would be much easier than it was. I found myself constantly wanting to get it out so I could look at maps and see how far away we were.

the look out over Anglesea

We didn't tell Em where we were going, just that we would be out all day. Each time we got out of the car to see something I would say, ok this is what we came for - lets go home. She didn't buy into it though ;)

What happens when you give Em the camera..

After half walking/ half swinging up the road from the car park we arrived at the Split Point Lighthouse.

Beautiful huh?


Phew! So many lighthouse photos...

"Hey you, yes you"

After Split Point we drove a little more and arrived at the start of the Great Ocean Road 
(the classic photo under the sign)

Then we got back in the car and drove again - this time for a long time (for a Tasmanian) soon (for a Victorian) we arrived at Lorne - Lorne is one of my absolute favourite places to visit along the Great Ocean Road. It has the best burger store called The bottle of milk - they also happen to sell THE best chips & relish so of course we HAD to have some since we were in the area.

Once we picked up our picnic supplies we headed down to the park where we made some new friends.

Hello Cocky

Emily absolutely loved this part of the drive. They were so tame! They even sat on her leg at one point (before she tried to pick one up). Then the seagulls arrived (of course!) I can't help but imagine them saying "mine, mine" since seeing Nemo.

However, the cockatoos didn't let the seagulls stop them from getting all the food - They would grab the tidbit and quickly fly to a nearby tree  ... because of course they have claws and seagulls have webbed feet (not so good for sitting on branches) so they could eat in peace. Smart huh!

This one was so tame it came right up onto the picnic blanket to help itself to Boys tiny teddies. Of course we just let him have them as we love a good Aussie Battler.

On the way back to the car Boy thought this timber slab park bench was actually a runway..
Boy is wearing an outfit styled by Mumma.

more to come soon..

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Booqi Promo

Just a quick side note to say that I am so excited about the new stock we have uploaded to our made it store I've decided to have a giveaway.

The first three customers who spend $15.00 or more (from either store) will receive a free real sized polaroid frame with their order.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Indented Head

There is a place along the coast called Indented Head. On a cold blustery day (the week after the One Direction Concert) we took a road trip out that way to enjoy the scenery and drop lunch off to Hunna (who had forgotten his!) while he was working (in his 10 day stint) as a labourer.

We jumped out and braved the cold for 50 seconds to take some photos to prove we had ventured out on such a horrible day. Boy was not very happy about the weather - and the coat and hat.

Em freezing!

Jackets and scarves weren't enough to fend off the cold so we quickly jumped back in the car.

the knees and the Louis jeans.

The view (from the car)

I have some exciting news about Hunna's employment! yee ..