Tuesday, May 26, 2009


on SATURday:

Saturday I started to feel REALLY itchy on the bottom of my feet and then...

I suddenly found out that too much DAIRY and WHEAT aint good for me -- added to the stress of getting married and  I broke out in...

HIVES! yes hives - THEY are ITCHY itchy itchy itchy ITCHY - and they wont go away! its NOW tuesday and theyre HUGE and EVERYWHERE and my eyes are puffy and I look like an alien.

Just when I think theyre going they COME BACK! in different spots! (which is apparently their thing) which means If i put soothing cream on there is no doubt in 30 mins it wont be in the right spots!!

Sob sob, I'm off Dairy for good (which apparently Mum says means chocolate too) and Ive gone to Rye bread - still itchy off to have another bath. YUC

Pray for me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pimary CLAss

My pRimary ClaSS:

This weekend we had an AWESOMe sleep-over which included:

MONsters vs Aliens in 3D (hence the awesome glasses)

KFc (for tea of course!)

LITtle Big PLAnet (and AWESUm PS3 game)

These guys are heaps of FUn :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

SNEAK peek

No you cannot see the front its a secret..

So I found this awesome site recently on the internet which I AM ADDICTED TO!
I have brought sooo much off it -- the world of EBAy is my pride and joy.
So GUESS where I just happened to come across a brand new size 6 wedding dress for $100 + $27.00 postage?

Brand new (as you can tell from the pic up the top) because it was used for an add -- so the model wore it and that was it.. they couldnt sell it in the shop.

and NOW it is mine!! mwahaha
anyone know of a good dress maker? so I can add sleeves?