Sunday, February 24, 2008

EsS+POos PressiE


Is the present that i made for Esthers baby shower last week.

I started off with a plain white letter (about $5.50 from local scrapbooking stores)

Using spray adhesive I attached some scrapbooking paper.

(Spray adhesive is often used in photography to attach large photographs to foam core for exhibition. It is non toxic and so does not discolour paper or photo's over time. Its awesome stuff a recommended buy for scrapbooking but it doesnt make heavy materials stick)

And then I decorated, Using a hot glue gun and other bits and bobs about.

(Letter Y was some old jumper material cut to fit and then hot glue gun glued on.)

Here is the finished piece. ENjoy!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I went into spotlight on a hunt for some fabric paint (tad expensive if you ask me) but I got some great results! Here's how my t-shirt turned out. What do you think?


This is the wrapping I made for Esthers Baby Shower Present...
I had some calico and dyed a design onto it. Then I sewed it all up and sewed on the names. It wasnt even that hard to get into when she unwrapped it!!

Friday, February 15, 2008



Here are some shots from playing up the paddocks on the flying fox.

fun times. enough said..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

PaInT warS


This is what happens when Chad and I decide to do a joint painting..
enough said

Monday, February 11, 2008


Sunday @ Aussie Weekend it is traditional to take a photo of all the Ysa who attend (Sunday because we are smokin' hot in out churchies.) here is the group photo of everyone:
Aren't we a bunch of hotties?? Thanks to the Organisers this year. We had a blast... BRING BACK NETTIE AND KEL!


Here are some pictures from the dance I so tediously decorated.. upon reflection.. I did an AWESOMe JOb!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yes! My Bloggie Blogger Blogging friends. It's another update from your master whom you have all been living vicariously through .. I'm sure.
I have.. as the pictures are telling.

Dyed my hair..Say goodbye to gross grown out roots (from the last dye job)

(collette doing the honours)

...tick tick tock.. 3o minutes later

Say HELLO to ... ah humm. the new improved hair??

(My excuse.. I'm an arts student my hair is suppose to be .. aRAWredcolour


GRASSiNEss: Here is some grass Collette and I brought for her classroom to put in a pot. (Aesthetically pleasing environments and all that feng shu jazz)

You can obviously tell we were having way, way too much fun pretending it was..
a different kind of grass. winks


A couple of moons ago Mummy (aka G to the Izzle) decided to take us "kids" out to Harry Coopers Farm for a squiz at some animals and a smackeral of lunch.

It was a fantastically fantabulous lunch (mmm.. yum) thanks Mum. Here are some pics I grabbed of the Blogeratzi Queens kids (when we arrived she was making Sarra stretch and contort herself so she could capture that perfect "blogging" moment. In which Sarra was smiling cheesily and sitting gracefully infront of some beautifully beautiful flowers. see below)

Here's some really natural shots I took.. laughs

Thursday, February 07, 2008

flamingHOT HAIr:
I was perusing some photo's from late last year and thought all ye bloggie bloggers would appreciate the style and grace of one fine Tuesday morning with missMillie.

we were obviously very tired.. not much else to say about that.

Loving those weird sticky not eye thingos..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

aVISIT from the NAkED CHef..

We were lucky enough to have Chef Tyller grace us with his presence. In celebration we decided to go play tennis..(THis is CHef TyLLer) ( .. with newly bald head. .. He shaved it for cure for cancer.. yes, he did have a reason to do it)
Collette and I posing for our compulsary tennis posing shots.
Tyller (aka Tilla, Chef Tyller, Baldy) rocking out the court
All was going fantastically swimmingly until..
.. It started to spit down with rain..

Collette was protecting
herself with her unique rain hat until it started pouring then
it all became too much and she ran to the car.. rainPIKER!

But as per usual, The INSANELy insane Jess and newly Naked Chef Tyller (thought we would spare you those topless rain pics) stayed to practice their serves and such..

..Clealy enjoying the rain..