Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yes! My Bloggie Blogger Blogging friends. It's another update from your master whom you have all been living vicariously through .. I'm sure.
I have.. as the pictures are telling.

Dyed my hair..Say goodbye to gross grown out roots (from the last dye job)

(collette doing the honours)

...tick tick tock.. 3o minutes later

Say HELLO to ... ah humm. the new improved hair??

(My excuse.. I'm an arts student my hair is suppose to be .. aRAWredcolour


MillaMitch said...

red again jess? it looks like it might be more red than the first time u went red...hmmm??

Jessica said...

Laughs i reckon! I think it has settled down a bit now tho. when i come on friday i will show you. I quite like it now it has settled and washed out a bit.

MillaMitch said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the newly refreshed ginger ninga! he he.

See u friday or saturday mate!