Thursday, January 31, 2008

P.P.p.P.p. S: Mum (aka G to the Izzle) is HOME !! YAY!! we have food again..
{rushes to the fridge and opens it..}



I braved the cold night air to play with Chad, Milly, Stek (aka Hayden) and Collette.

We first set off to a PArK (Newstead Reserve) but then decided that the swings werent that great and set off to the GORge armed with blankets to lie on.

Whilst we lay and looked at the stars some EXTRa ordinary events found us.


Two policemen decided to blind us with their torches and check / write down our names and addresses. In this case Camilla and I did not have any I.D on us for them to copy it from so we had to tell them. Camilla quite casually told the male police officer what her first name was.. and then came her middle name..

"Bessie" says Camilla.
"Are you kidding me?" says the foul mouthed police officer (words have been changed)
"ahh.. no its Bessie.." Camilla further informs him
The police officer laughs and looks at us "Is she being serious?"

hep hep.. so, after we convinced him [it took quite alot of nodding] that her middle name was indeed Bessie (thats right, now the whole blogging world knows Milly's middle name)

The two police officers set off back the way they had come..


We are casually chatting and star gazing when the sprinklers come on .. at about 12.30 am in the morning!! Instinct forced us to scramble to the safety of the dry cement but the Confusion made it nearly impossible to do it quickly and in the pitch black Stek managed to loose a thong and his wallet.

The black moonless night made it impossible to just go back and casually grab them so we had to whip out our phones for light and see if we could spot them in the wet (they were both later recovered sopping wet by a courageous yours truly who braved the cold night air and some VERY evil high powered wet sprinklers to retrieve them)

and that, my blogging friends, is what YSA do on Monday nights to pass the time.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AuSsie dAY WeeKenD.


Every year the YSA get together for Australia Day Camp which runs for the weekend.
Its and interesting experience we often find alot out about each other that we didn't previously know.. for example:
Craig uses an electric toothbrush and likes to dress up in toga's.

We had lots of visitors from around the world including Nina from Finland but our most memorable visitor was inducted and welcomed into camp life in true Tassie fashion:

Here are some Pics of us at the beach and just hanging out in general for AussieDay Camp 08

I'll try and find some of the dance so you can see how it went. The decorations looked fantastic.

The Camp was a good opportunity to hang out and scope for prospective companions... wink wink nudge nudge... (as you do)

Unfortunatly I missed out and didnt pick up..
(Collette managed to pick up a boogie from Fiona.)

but Dallin and Bea (below) have a different story to tell. winks

Friday, January 25, 2008

12.o2 aM:


After a very long sewing expedition at the CLARKs where I roped in some more volunteers for sewing sequins. COll and I decided to come home.. (yes we do live at home occasionally)

We reached the front door without much adu (simone correct me if i spelt that wrong) and SUDDENLY!! THE DOOR wouldn't OPEN!! the key did 360's in the lock instead of only doing 180's and opening.

SHOCK HorROR! we were on the street.... so we had to sleep in the gutter..

laughs... na, i broke in with my apt breaking in abilities. (plays theme music for mission impossible) and then we went to investigate.

WHICh was the wrong thing to do because then the front door wouldnt lock! so we were left exposed and ready for a harsh and ugly satanic world to enter our humble, spiritual, warm, sheltered home.

Here's what I captured:

me.. blogging events

did I help at all??

So now we're locked in for good because thats the only way we could fix the door to shut for the night...

Help? Somebody anybody??

Thursday, January 24, 2008


SO.. Today Milly and I ran all over Launceston searching high and low for things we needed for the camp dance...

(aka 24 square meters of dark blue material) We took the roll up to the shop assistant at SPOtLIgHt ( the happenin place to be) and we asked quite casually if we could have 24 meters of material... Her eyes popped out of her head and she cleared out her ears with her little finger (it made that ear clearing squeeking noise) just like it does on the cartoons.

Yes.. all in all it was fantastic until we got home and realised that we now needed to sew sequins onto that same 24 meters of material.. so that the (when we finally get through it) newly sequined 24 meters of material will glitter like stars for the dance.

Hip hip HOORay!!

Wish us luck as we work well into the night.

Here is an example of how long and tedious it has been so far..

completed about 7 meters of material in 2.5 hours.

La Vita e' Bella

P.p.P.s : In my defence. Collette often has a very vivid and highly exaggerated imagination. I do not claw, scratch, bite and hit: niether do i strangle and i most definitly do not hiss.

I do confess i hugged/cuddled her to the ground so i could tickle the camera out of her grasp.

nothing more, nothing less...

Monday, January 21, 2008

tWinKle tWinKle

Ah yes, the dance for Australia Day camp is fast approaching...

With Milly doing smashingly with the playlist for the evening, i have gotten busy with my stars...

Picture 500 stars hanging from the ceiling with thin fishing wire, (which you cant see when the normal lights are off) so really they look beautifully suspended in mid air. THEN picture the room lit with soft illuminating fairy lights; the walls covered in soft white material. Yes..

sighs, it will be glorious beyond all comprehension.

STAY TUNED for how it (really) turns out!

Here are 200 stars which i have traced, cut out and put holes in, ready to be suspended from the ceiling.. only 300 to go. hurumph!

SIGHs, SigHS and MOre SIghiNg

(blogging events today from) YESTERDAy:

I feel compelled to update you all on the Phantom Of The Opera LovE AffaiR.

Collette (aka blogeratzi) decided, in a moment of pure... [seriously i dont know what was going on in her head] I am certain she thought it was "pure genius".

Anyhow, She decided to sing.. a capella..from front to back. Loudly i might add. Each and every song from The Phantom Of The Opera.

(Becc Tutu formely Becc Guglio) loaned the music book to her..

To help you understand the severity of such a singing act. that is 71 pages.. 71!!

back to back of music and lyrics...

Sighs, sighs and sighs some more.. (i'm past the point of no return)

p.P.s : CANT wait for mummy (aka G to the Izzle) to get home.. we've run out of milk and bread.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

DAncing At MAccas

eLeVENTh hoUR MAcca'S

11:00 pm

A quick trip to the "Honeys bank of choice"

AND a quick trip to the THRONE.. ah relief!

AFTer braving the cold at Tamar Island Reserve we decided to head over the MickeyD's for some R and R.

Mmm.. yummo love that macca's.

(insert a wh-itty smart blogger comment about photo here)

Not much else to say about Macca's i'm sure we have ALL had the macca's experience.. oh yes, there was the dance! WATCH THIS SPACE..

(and i shall endevour to load the video..)

BRuNO the BuLL


WE braved the cold as courageous explorers.

THE sky was a mottled charcoal of greys as we set out on our trek into the abyss (other wise known as the board walk to Tamar Island.)

AS we shuffled along the wooden planks to our POINt Of DESTINATion. The fog along the river thickened and the tall marshy grass swayed to and fro as it was rustled by the wind.

By the third bridge our eyes had almost adjusted to the night and our nerves had settled slightly... we began to venture across the bridge. THE birds started cawing sulkily as if crying out in unbelief but we dismissed this sudden occurance as a noise of the night : convinced we had no part in the affair. Our attention was soon diverted by the bird droppings which smothered the wooden boards and so the cawing of the birds quickly became a distant ramble in the back of our ears as we tried not to step in it. It wasn't until we were half way across that someone turned on the torch and shone the small welcoming light up the bridge towards the island.

THOUSANDs of birds sat stunned by the sudden illumination their piercing torch reflected eyes stared blankly back at us. Some, were already beginning to ready their feathers for flight. There was a slight moment of hesitation, just a split second where our eyes met theirs and suddenly we connected the sulky cawing with the bird droppings.

One lone transfixed little bird stood only inches away from us. "Turn off the torch!" someone whispered urgently from behind. The light was quickly stifled but it was too late, we had aroused half of them without even realising already the rest were surely..

SUDDENLy the great mass of birds took flight (it was in this moment when I was glad for once that the torch had been stifled) We could hear them; hear the rustle of their wings. Feel them; feel the whisps of wind through our hair as their strong wings beat the air. And I am sure if we could see them we would have seen bodies rushing towards us as they jostled to find enough space to take flight.

THe sky was awash with dark winged bodies which blocked out the moon and any remaining light.

Our feet, strangely, for a moment did not register and then we were off. Stumbling back the way we had come.

Our flustered hurried steps soon turned back to a shuffle when we felt we were far enough away from the cluster of birds in the sky and the night returned to its old eery self.

An unforseen rustle in the marsh grass soon had our nerves back on edge.I was in front, I screamed first lighting the match for a canon of screams to follow. We jolted into each others arms for comfort and safety. Our eyes darted around searching for the culprit. We soon realised our girlish actions were just our imaginations making a small bird a large monster and an awkward unspoken understanding was said between us. WE would not mention or screaming canon.

We climbed the fence out of the reserve with a sigh of relief and returned to the safety of our cars.

LAST NIGht : we braved the cold as courageous explorers.. but returned because we simply became dissinterested. winks. There wasn't much else going on.

Out in the Abyss...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ah. POetrY...

With wrinkles etched into his skin
He stroked her hair
Hands aged with toil
He pulled her close
Eyes weary with sight
He cradled her
Yet she did not stir

When they were young
She had been his queen
And he; her king

Love had been passionate
They had loved

Stark colours of contrasting life

Slowly faded to sepia tones
Dark circles
Outlined eyes
Passion now replaced
Deep understanding

One last night
One last chance
He tucked her in
Her body limp

He wept
Salty Tears
Of love
Of life
Of grief

Lay silently
Kissed her cheek
Eyes now closed
And followed her
Beyond the veil which is life

SOmeTiMeS mY IMaGAINatiON CONsuMEs me.

Behind the bulky oak doors sits
A man of worth, of wealth
He sits.

He prays to God to save his soul
That man of worth, of wealth
He prays.

Hear the church bells ringing

He prays for mercy (on his knees)
He prays for worth, for wealth
He kneels.

He prays for life, for times of past
That man of worth, of wealth
He calls.

Hear the church bells ringing
Hear the children singing

“I beseech thee Lord, I ask you here.
To give me strength.” The man
He pleads.

“Hear my complaint, I’m on my knees”
His head is bowed. The man
He asks.

Hear the church bells ringing
Hear the children singing
Hear the priest anointing

“I ask you Lord, just do your will
For I’m a man.” The man
He cries.

“Save me from my bonds today
My unkempt thoughts.” The man
He yaws.

Hear the church bells ringing
Hear the children singing
Hear the priest anointing
Hear the rich man sobbing

Hear the gun shot echo
Shake the chapel window

Hear the man of wealth, of worth
Feel the lack of love, of mirth.

Hear the church bells dulling
Hear the children screaming
Hear the priest, he’s gasping

Yet, do not hear the man of wealthy worth
Who felt no love, no love or mirth.

Behind the bulky oak doors lies
A man of worth, of wealth
He lies.

He cries no more unto the Lord
That wealthy man, who once implored.

WhatS ThAt SKip?


Ah the sweet scent of exercise...

Yes, thats right. On Tuesday ( you might want to sit down for this)

I, J.Gibson, walked (yes, you heard right) walked into Wine Glass Bay.

My companions were a motley crew including Collette ( the blogeratzi ) [ who by the way just sat down and told me i wasn't allowed to have a blog because she had one first ] , Jade , Lil Kim and Stekky.

Here's what I captured through out the day:

Walking, Walking and More Walking.
(because i was slowest i had to be the leader.. Leave no one behind and all that)

Quiet moments of contemplation.

Kim freaking out about Skippy.

Collette and skippy frolicking in the sand and..

Stekky (aka Hayden) looking at something foreign.

All in all it was a pretty fantastic day with the highlight being poo flinging and the stop in at the elephant pass Elephant Pancake pancakery. (Ah, Yes, food was a highlight.. what else did you expect?)

Where i consumed a massive chocolate pancake with cream AND icecream, and an iced chocolate filled with cream AND icecream. YUMO!!

ThE LovE AffaiR

Today (being the 18th of January) - Collette has just decided to watch The Phantom of the Opera for the THIRD time in 24 hours.

She is completely encapsulated in it.

And, if that wasn't enough, even when the thing isn't on the tellie she sings the songs - ( or mumbles them because in most cases she doent know the lyrics)

Dont get me wrong! I love The Phantom of the Opera.. but THREE times in 24 hours??

So i decided to do a painting for escape:

OH the JOyOUs JoYs of EScaPIsm...

Hopefully ThE LovE AffaiR will soon cease and life in the Gibson household will return to its normal quiet condition.

p.s: Mum aka G to the Izzle is in W.A this week on a scholarship for teacher development? or some thing or other that teachers do. Yay mummy!

Cotton Candy

Hello all!
Here is where i tell EVERYBODY that i was accepted into Arts School for 2008 (yee har) and tell you a little bit about my love.

PENTAX super..
Whilst unable to afford a newer manual camera, I am still greatly pleased with the little beauty I found tucked away in storage a couple of months ago.
May I introduce:
Bee Double U or (B.W for short)
When I return to school I will scan some of her photo's and show you what a fantastic lil piece of work she is!

I try not to leave on any trips without her, alas she weighs a tonne so sometimes its difficult to drag her around.