Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AuSsie dAY WeeKenD.


Every year the YSA get together for Australia Day Camp which runs for the weekend.
Its and interesting experience we often find alot out about each other that we didn't previously know.. for example:
Craig uses an electric toothbrush and likes to dress up in toga's.

We had lots of visitors from around the world including Nina from Finland but our most memorable visitor was inducted and welcomed into camp life in true Tassie fashion:

Here are some Pics of us at the beach and just hanging out in general for AussieDay Camp 08

I'll try and find some of the dance so you can see how it went. The decorations looked fantastic.

The Camp was a good opportunity to hang out and scope for prospective companions... wink wink nudge nudge... (as you do)

Unfortunatly I missed out and didnt pick up..
(Collette managed to pick up a boogie from Fiona.)

but Dallin and Bea (below) have a different story to tell. winks


Country/City Boy said...

Looks like a fun camp.

Now we need more Gossip or fact as it may be :)

Looking forward to some dance pics

A Gallant Knight said...

This is the greatest blog I have ever read. I will print these words and forever keep them as a source of inspiration and enlightenment.