Thursday, January 31, 2008



I braved the cold night air to play with Chad, Milly, Stek (aka Hayden) and Collette.

We first set off to a PArK (Newstead Reserve) but then decided that the swings werent that great and set off to the GORge armed with blankets to lie on.

Whilst we lay and looked at the stars some EXTRa ordinary events found us.


Two policemen decided to blind us with their torches and check / write down our names and addresses. In this case Camilla and I did not have any I.D on us for them to copy it from so we had to tell them. Camilla quite casually told the male police officer what her first name was.. and then came her middle name..

"Bessie" says Camilla.
"Are you kidding me?" says the foul mouthed police officer (words have been changed)
"ahh.. no its Bessie.." Camilla further informs him
The police officer laughs and looks at us "Is she being serious?"

hep hep.. so, after we convinced him [it took quite alot of nodding] that her middle name was indeed Bessie (thats right, now the whole blogging world knows Milly's middle name)

The two police officers set off back the way they had come..


We are casually chatting and star gazing when the sprinklers come on .. at about 12.30 am in the morning!! Instinct forced us to scramble to the safety of the dry cement but the Confusion made it nearly impossible to do it quickly and in the pitch black Stek managed to loose a thong and his wallet.

The black moonless night made it impossible to just go back and casually grab them so we had to whip out our phones for light and see if we could spot them in the wet (they were both later recovered sopping wet by a courageous yours truly who braved the cold night air and some VERY evil high powered wet sprinklers to retrieve them)

and that, my blogging friends, is what YSA do on Monday nights to pass the time.


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MillaMitch said...

I am addicted to blogging already. i love it. it is keeping me entertained! hahaha.