Thursday, December 18, 2008


StrANGEr thinGs:
So i got an email from the convention organisers saying that I needed to submit a new photo as the one I had sent was inappropriate and they needed one which showed my whole face and only had me in the picure..
(I sent them a few to choose from as I wasn't sure which one they would like best)
I'm taking bets on which one will win -- see if you can guess (winner will be announced after picture is verified at convenny)
this is what my registration said:
Preferred Name: Jess Gibson
Occuption/Study: Contemporary Arts Student (Visual)
Favourite Scripture: scripture
Hero: Collette Gibson
Quote: "i think i just wee'd on my cape" (Mummy Gibson)
Goal: ....get hitched.

Yes ... i am thinking this convention is definitly going to be one of the best..
(P.S -- Nettie and Kel just gave us PANDORA bracellets for christmas !! holy smokes BEST MENTORS EVER!!)

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today I handed in a portfolio for photography -- here are some of the images which went with it.

Collette helped me pick the order last night so you MUST pat her on the back next time you see her because she is SOO unartistic and she actually did a GREAT job @ helping!!

The images have text underneath them which is basically what i wrote down for the 26 days of September up until my birthday, then I took photographs as an interpretation of what I had written.

...25 days to go -- I am a lone wanderer, wading through a sea of musings: Here, I am ...
... 23 days to go -- Here I sit I, sit. No comely comforts. Feel the rough, taste the freedom...
...13 days to go -- breathe, feel and be. Looking for something I cannot grasp ...
The project boundaries were that it had to be a form of self portraiture so i used the LOVeRLy EMily to represent myself (as I am not the person who likes to take pictures of themselves -- i think that often you just look like a dill or like you have a big head if you do this not well)

All the images are black and white (which means processed in the dark room aka many many hours) and about a3 sized.

Let me know what you think: I hope the examiners liked them:D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ST Giles

Ok. So I got the job at St Giles as well as four other people. Kim, Karen, Katrina and Troy..

Induction today went really well and i was really excited -- felt a tad out of it though since the others had all worked in childcare or disability before and were at least twenty years older than me...

well, i suppose heavenly father definitly has a plan for me at the moment.

I'm starting in respite with the littlies and the home with young adults. VERY exciting stuff.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Also this week I was in the Studio with SImone.. 
HEre are some SAMples -- Let me kNOW what you think:

Hallie + Ollie


LASt WEeKend:

Emily and I had a chance to hang out and do some cool pics.. I wont say much because Emily is gun blog the day on her blog -- but these are a couple of the portraits that i got outa Em (aka the Super MOdel)


I love the way that she puts up with anything -- any situation I put her in she just does it no qualms.. 

ALSO: She is so photogenic -- I love her freckles and the way they speckle across her cheeks and nose and her eyes are such a piercing blue with her blonde hair.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008



So earlier I mentioned that CHaddy and I had sum treats for OUR birthdays..
THIS was Chaddys. HIS birthday is on the 12th of SEP.

WE went to see faKer...

(above is me with the boys.. they are bobbing to make me feel better.. aw)
{we also got some signed albums, a tshirt and some guitar piks!}

THIS is Chaddy with FAker.. n.b: they are the same height as him now ;)
Below: OUR AWESOME spots.. so close.

WELl: As I was ALSO saying earlier I got to go see BIrds Of TOkyO with Chaddy on the 25th for my birthday :D

                       -- We LOVE bIRds oF ToKYo 

This is me with the GUitarist and the SInger (who you might know also sings for KArnivool)
They were REAlly REALLY cool. (SEE those chips? Yeah, we ate chips and chatted with 'em)
THElights were FANTASTIC.. thought id put some of those pics in...
All in all THE BIRTHDAY month celebrations actually WEnt FOR A WHOLE month!!

Monday, October 06, 2008



So as many of you probably know I have been called as Teacher in Primary which means I am teaching (only just-- rather they teach me) the kiddies who are 8 - 9 which turns out is two little tackers. Jay and Kady.(she insists that is how we are spelling her name now)

Well.. they are an absolute JOY and a HUMUNGUScrack up.

Last week for instance we hopped in a time machine and went back to different times ... I dressed up as different prophets and talked about what they did and then we guessed who I was.

Well when it came to Kady's turn to dress up she went inside the time machine (a craftily placed space behind the chalk board which had a picture of a time machine on it)

She comes out with some blue material, bends over with two hands on the floor -- her bum sticking in the air and places the material down her back.

"GUESS??" she says..
Ah.. Clue?? I say..

"I'm in a theme park" 
(Hmm i am thinking a prophet in a theme park???)
"This is really really hard" I say
Kady makes a swoosh noise (turns out to be running water)

She was a water slide.. YEs. A water slide. mmm
She definitely learnt something that week...

tHis weeK...

We were learning how it must've been WAY hard (in my words) for Samuel the Lamanite {Jay gives us the low down:Who prayed and was told to preach and went on the wall but arrows couldnt hit him} and Nephi {Jay gives us another low down:son of Nephi, who was son of Helaman} to preach to the people.. We chatted a bit about signs of the first coming and then signs of the second coming and then we became modern day prophets or missionaries and we tracted each other.

WHEn it was the Jess' (visitor + me) turn to be missionaries we knocked on the class room door.. (WE had dress ups for different characters) Jay opens the door with a shawl on, he is bent over like an old man and is holding a grey led as a walking stick.. his lips are wrapped around his teeth and he speaks in a lippy lisp. "Herro"

So Jessie and I start talking to him about being missionaries and talked a bit about Jesus at which he says (in the lisp)

 " I dope really wanp to palk about cheesuus" - - " I habe to pind my palse peef" 

OH HILARIOUS!! I was in stitches... it was definitly a tough tract with no golden contact;)

Clearly I have total control when we learn that it was "WAY" hard for Samuel to preach about "Cheesuus"

Friday, October 03, 2008

Interview @ St Giles= Near death scary (eek)


Just a little bit about the interview I had on Friday, I applied for a Casual Support Worker on Monday by sending in an application which had been sent out to me the Friday before. (If that makes sense) Then i received a phone call on the Wednesday (after the MOnday I had sent the Application with CV in of course)

Because I have no previous experience in Support Working I was basically fine until we got to the role plays at which point in time I'm sure a little bit of wee came out... but we shall have to wait and see how i went.

NOt expecting anything: Rather just really need a job for the money right now-- arty poverty has suddenly lost its appeal.

Friday, September 26, 2008



last night for my birthday (YES the one day of the year its not my UNbirthday!!) Chad took me to see Birds of Tokyo which was AWESOME!!

Heck YEs! (photo's to be loaded soon)

HERE IS ME AT 20!! (see above) clearly still over tired from not getting to bed till the wee hours/ was worth it!

also here is the photo of my new hair EVERyONe has been waiting for... (see above above)

CIAO mia amichi!

Monday, September 22, 2008

"HAPPY UNbirthday!"

(Generally I am still catching the bus but since it has been raining the walk from the bus to school has not been so appealing - dont get me wrong i'm still a greenie)

Today @ 8:15 I thought to myself " I think I should go to school now and get and early minute " - usually I leave at about 8.40 if i am going to drive. (since it was raining, I was going to drive)

I get down to the car, put the key in the ignition and nothing happens/ NOTHING at all!! it doesnt even tick over. I check i didnt leave my lights on (i haven driven it for over a week so naturally this could have caused the problem though it is pretty hard to leave the car lights ESPECIALly when parked in the garage so this would be a pretty dumb thing to do.)

Nope they were off .. I am now thinking " great, how do i get to school now? " then I realise there is an 8:26 bus which i can just catch. I FRANTICALLY run around trying to find my umbrella (which i cant find ) and sprint to the bus stop. Just in time to catch the bus.

Randomly : on the way to school Jack Preb. boards the bus and we chat till he gets off [almost and then properly ;) ]at Newstead College. {as a side note he is 18 in like 3 months. Whoa i feel old}

Then I get to my stop which is outside the city park. I now have three uncovered blocks and the Arts School parking area (which is BIG)to sprint past THROUGH the rain. UNumbrellad. UNprepared.

I get to school and look like a drowned rat, cold and shivering the rain had leaked through my so called ROXY raincoat. Turns out its just parachute material pRETendiNg to be waterproof.

What an onslaught: Its days like this you feel like you should have just stayed in bed.

as the mad hatter puts it "HAPPY UNbirthday!"

P.s: not to worry if it is he battery which i am certain it is since it was behaving like it is the battery i'm not worried because i only bought a new one about 10 months ago and it has a years warranty on it i think?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A TRIp to CRAig

As most close to me know, I hate hairdressers. 

We go to them to get OUR hair cut - they usually cut it the wrong way and then after hours of  work and AFTER its all dried and styled they ask "hows it look?" ...

.. here you must make a choice. They have just spent who knows how long making their own masterpiece and without fail whether i like it or not i always say. " Yes, thats fantastic : I really like it " 

why is it so hard to be truthful and say.. "well actually it could be a bit shorter or YOU CUT OFF TOO MUCH!!" (which is often the case)''

Collette recently went to a senior stylist called Craig at Bliss in Launceston to get her hair dyed. As you all probably know... I went for holding hand - moral support for the first dye which is what a favourite sister ALWAYS should do.

He was really nice and I thought well - he is a senior stylist and after OVER 10.5 months (that is nearly a whole year !!) of avoiding the dreaded hair dresser my ends were pretty bad.


I would just like to thank Craig for restoring my faith in Hairdressers. He was excellent - although it is a tad shorter than I wanted he talked me through it and told me it needed that much off because of the damage but if i get over my MASSIVE fear and come back regularly we will get it back to a lovely long HEALTHy length =D yay!

It was the best $55.00 I have spentEVER.

Monday, August 25, 2008


While I was preparing for a presentation on subjectivity today I found this cute pic from way back.

Its the easter bonnet parade at Norwood I think??

Pretty cute huh!
(Just goes to show how creative I was even as a tadpole.. I can remember making a car out of empty boxes and sticky tape which even had a box flap gear stick in it. The car sat in the hall for who knows how long  )

Thursday, August 21, 2008

StRaIGht A's

Well whilst sorting through the old nostalgic items in my bedroom (searching for images for the tag) I found this wonderful piece of work...

It is my end of year report for my first year of Grade 7
I am being marked on top strand (of course)

Actually I can remember being dissappointed with the B (the teenie one down the bottom).. why you ask?

It was one of 3... hmmm (all the rest A's =D)

Yes, as a child i was clearly a let down.

N.B: When I looked at the same subject in Grade ten my results were almost the same except the amount of unexplained absences had gone up from O to 18 (for one term) sweet ;)

Clearly a child genius - who by the time grade 12 came around didn't need to go to school AT ALL to pass =) so far advanced was my ability.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I have been tagged.. 
(here we go again)

TEn YeArS AGo:

I was ah.. about ten. Which means I would be in grade 4.
My teacher was Ms. Dick; I was absolutely in love with a boy called Isaac Brown. He had that tanned beachy surfer boy look ( it's probably when i subconsciously decided I like blondes best.. yes all the best boy-friends have been blonde) 

My best friend was Dayna Watkins and we use to play Barbies at her house with Kelly and Sarah. (two other friends) cause she had the best Barbie collection ever! 

I remember that Sarahs house used to back onto the top oval at school so while waiting
 for mum to finish school id often go play with her and her brother.

On Tuesdays I had music lessons with Mrs Cover, I remember one day that I went up to Sarah's to play and I lost the button off my bib to my school pinni and I was so scared that even though they were calling me over the school P.A to the Office (mum must've been looking for me) I wouldn't go back down to school. In the end Sarahs' Mum got a phone call from the office telling her my Dad and Collette were frantically looking for me.

I had forgotten to go to music ( Mum wasn't at school anymore I assume??) from which Dad would pick me up and take me home. When he got there Mrs Cover had told him I had never turned up and they had all thought Id been nabbed on the walk from school to the music teachers house.

Oh dear!
Five Years ago

I was 14 which means I was in grade 8.
I had broken up with my grade 7 boyfriend (Patrick) at the end of the last year and was stilly awkwardly ignoring him for at least a good 8 months. (he was in my classes so this, as you must realise, was a hard task) 

Rebecca (my now best friend) had been put in my tutor group and we must've moved around about then to St Leonards because at the beginning of the year I remember going over to Lisa's house and seeing the new girl from my class sun baking on what we now call 'big rock'. (a rock which touches the back of Becas fence and is on Lisa's property) I had an epiphany right then that it would be a beautiful friendship. [ Until then I had never lived rather close to any of my friends because they all lived in Norwood and I didnt really - or they were Rachael ;) and lived up a massive hill ]  and it truly is a beautiful friendship and we often still meet at Lisas house just because its baisically in the middle of our places.

5 months ago
(gee this is pushing the memory)

It was April. What did we do in April Collette?

School I suppose? Yes, this year I started Arts School so I suppose you can say thats what happened 5 months ago? I definitly didnt give Collette her birthday present 5 months ago =D

5 things to do.

I must do my assignment for art and design
I must do my assignment for photomedia

ah.. it kinda goes like that.
Oh and paint my nails.

5 bad habits

blowing my nose in the shower (apparently Coll dislikes this)
chewing my tongue
eating too much Maccas
enjoying me time perhaps too much
daydreaming when someone is talking to me

5 places I've lived

In my bedroom
Put my bed in the bath and slept in that once
In the lounge room
Millies house
Arts School 

5 things people dont know about me

I am a sook
Scared of the dark 
I like to eat cans of beetroot, yum.
I like pickled mustard on toast, yum.
Im still convinced Collette was adopted and I am hoping the others were too ;)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Yes, thats right my furry flippant blogger friends.. i am connected =) OH the joys of iphone life.

16 gb of pure joy. My favourite things; the moo application and the woohoo button. (ah joyous joys) 

Monday, July 14, 2008



As petrol prices increase and my life as a jobless Uni bum plumets further into debt due to  increasing expenditures. I have taken up the new interest of catching the 7.50am bus to town every morning. Costing me a total of $1.80 every trip/I put this question to my bloggie bloggers.

Is it cheaper or even worth travelling using the bus system?
Sure enough the bus timetable has been updated for the St Leonards area. (which is great!) when I was younger (pre car) it was worth having a car just because the bus only ever came every two and a half hours or so. Now, with the new system you can bet there is one every hour.

FANTASTIc! but is it cheaper?

Does it cost me about the same in petrol and therefore should i just come in my car?
With the cost of parking and the cost of registration on top of petrol prices...

should i continue catching the bus for $1.80 and loose about half an hours extra sleep.. plus all the waiting time (i had forgotten how annoying it is waiting for the bus, especially in winter) or should i just get on with it and but that extreemly expensive petrol in my poor never service car?

remembering then I also have to catch the bus back... ah yes another $1.80.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CAN you BELIEVE it?!!

Hello to all you wonderful Uni students who are on holidays. How wonderful for you all!
Let me now highlight how long my holidays have been.

My last exhibition/portfolio was due last wednesday...

(Wait for it, I had the thurs, fri, sat, sun, mon .. and now )

I am back at school. winter school. 

Yes all my mid semester break will have come to an amount of TWO DAYS.. two because weekends are what I get every week and I usually have mondays off now due to winter school schedule.

So the only change was that I had two days off. SHOCk!! There you go. I clearly had my mid semester break didnt I!

Oh and on Sunday I managed to pick up a 10 min talk, 60 invitations for the gratitude dinner, a sunday school class next week and organiser of an event for the gratitide dinner.

Somebody save me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am EnGaged!

OK! Here is an update on my evil blogging plans to steal a baby to blog.

I shall call it baby Blog and it will be my blogged baby.

So clearly when I went to Hobart there was no way I could get away with stealing a baby... although one of Collettes pictures shows me planning to stow away with baby Minol.

(such evil stealing baby eyes)
Alas, it wasnt to be - and I couldnt even get close to baby Rowan because we never ended up visiting Chelsea.

So I headed back to Launceston in the hope that there would be a few younglings to blog up North ( I had heard about the arrival of baby Kobe) Friday night I arrived home and Simone and Sarra were over.. I considered going for Sarra but decided she was a tad old. Instead resigning to wait for when the new baby comes.

Sunday was a big day for baby hunting. I never had a chance to get near Lisa to have a look at her new bub - I think that they had found out and foiled my plans . baby Elliott was safely seen in the arms of his mum so I couldnt muscle in on him. There was a chance at about 5.00pm to go for baby Joe but he was too busy drooling on Dale. Sunday night I almost got away with baby Nyah when we were at the Prebbles.. but alas never even got to hold her (but I was close!)

So it was with great unlucky luck that all above babies were safely placed in capsules, arms and busy open areas where I could not safely grab them.

I got to thinking though, whats the next best thing to announce on a blog apart from a new baby or what the baby Blog is doing??

An engagement! (clearly have too much time on my hands, but thats besides the point) So I headed my evil plotting plans with the title to pull all you sordid nosey bloggers in mwaha.

(Collette interjects " I am an idiot") (Collette corrects her interjection " your an idiot")

but dont think, just because I had an unsuccesful week at baby stealing, that I have completely written off the idea of baby Blog. Watch out here I come.

(Collette interjects again " I should feed my dog I'm abusing it") (Collette corrects her interjection again " You should feed your dog I'm abusing, I'm speaking on behalf of you ... .idiot.... I said your abusing it not I'm abusing it. )

N.B: Clearly there is more than one mentaly unstable person in this house.

The end



This, my bloggie blogger blogging friends, is what happens when we get bored and hike up a random hill behind the house. (note: the wanderer in the background)

I think those words were " are you serious! we walked up the hill and there is a drive way?"

Thursday, May 29, 2008


second night in a row.. so totally over it, I am goin home to bed.

p.s insanity is setting in.

(note other crazy person in background.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dearest Bloggers,

It is I, the artful artist, creative in every way possibly imagined. I am updating you from school. (second computer on the right at the front) The time is 4:27am.

I believe that all my dearest exam faring bloggie friends would like to hear great stories of studying courage. Ones in which I, the main heroin of course, bash through hours of relentless fatigue to complete two weeks worth of preperation in just three teeny days so that i can take a holiday in the study week. [ hobart here i come ] Alas, no progress has been made since i arrived on site at 2:58 am (woken from my sleep, wrenched from my dreams with the sudden urge to study harder, faster, longer.) BECAUSE! and listen to this... all ye fellow studiers and bloggie bloggers. I had come this early in the wee hours of this morning, hoping to get some audio done for my exhibition. HOWEVER! when i arrive I find someone else had the same intentions and is relentlessly hanging around so that I cannot complete my task.


I must ride out the ever increasing waves of fatigue and hunger (hunger probably cause my body is low on glucose to keep it awake) RIDE like a woman walking over hot coals. Sit it out, wait it out. And not blink for too long else i fear the blink will turn into " just resting my eyes"

My mind is a blanket. My head VERY sore.. these late nights cant be good for my skin. If only the thorn in my side would leave and go to bed. please go to bed ugly wasting time person... please??

A very fatigued Jess signing out.

p.s ( The sacrifice is great, but the blessings many... I shall be able to witness Baby Minols blessing. Its completely worth it.)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


LAla: Ok all Ye bloggie bloggers here is a recent pic. You know the deal; let me know.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Perhaps it is the ever increasing numbers of babies coming or babies being born but at this moment in time I am thinking I need to get me one of them blog babies to blog.

I would take photoshop photo's of my not pregnant belly like that pesky rascal Simone. When  I had one i would cook for it and have my own cooking segment just like Toni called Flos' Flops. Then! I would tape it walking and talking and blog the videos like Ess and others. I would be so cool!!

You may be thinking " well Flos you don have a baby to blog because you simply don have a baby!" BUT!

I am thinking, in one of those pure evil split second thoughts, I will steal one! 

I hear you gasp at such audacious claims.. but, you see my blogging friends, I am a slave for fashion and I feel that there is no other way my baby accessory dream can be achieved. 

You see I cannot have a baby.. that would make me fat and get stretch marks and I am pretty sure my future husband (only you know who you are hot stuff) would like a flabby waist line on his brand new wife! 

Of course the stolen baby must come with 2 year warranty, instruction manual, off switch and a full refund. But i am sure you were all thinking that would be the case anyway. Because of course all babies come with such things!

Then it must also have a booster button which makes it grow up to a nice non-talking non- crying age.. say 3 and up? ... did i mention that babies and I don't generally get along?

ON second thoughts perhaps I wont steal one. On second thoughts perhaps I will completely be absolutely fine without a spewing, pooing, crying blob.

Yes, I shall revolutionize the blogging world. You guys are all just going to have to give your babies back. Its not cool you see.

MURDer MYstery

FRIDAY THe 16th:

Everybody at Clark Manor witnessed a murder of uncomprehendable proportions. 

Back row: Professor Plum (Oh you do tease!), Count Stebbings, Master Logan, Ms. Emmy, Signora Duval, Mrs Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett and Signore Duval.

Couch potatoes: Lady Clark, Mrs White, Amy-rose and Ms. Darling (aka very dead person)

All in all the night was a fantastic success with some great plot twists...

" You had an affair with my lover?!..."
"Your the other man not me!"

and some good food to wrap it up after we had figured out that Signora Duval killed me in the bedroom with the pistol.

beastly me