Friday, December 09, 2011

Holiday Fever

Because we are going on Holidays, I am feverishly getting all the tasks done I have been procrastinating.

I have had the parts for the toggles of the tee pee sitting around for a couple weeks, waiting for me to finish this job off..

Over the last couple days I finally knuckled down

Find my tee pee tutorial and more pictures here on the booqi blog

(above, Chief Boy)

This morning boy has been lolloping around in his new tee pee, I think he is adorable in it.. and out.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Boy and the Blue Belly

Boy has been growing.. and growing.. and GROWING

He has been gearing up for Christmas helping 'dadda' set up the Christmas tree..

Also, trying on new big boy shoes..

sorry for the terrible blogging, we are getting ready for our holiday.. EEK!

two weeks till the wedding of the century and the holiday of the year!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

18 months

Dear World, 
In case you didn't know. I AM a big boy now.

I have turned 18 months.

I LOOOUve Icy poles on hot days, and just like a big boy I hold them at the stick.

I have driven my first car.

I even have a special bag JUST for nursery (thats where big boys go to learn about the gospel)

I must ALWAYS help Mum carry her shopping bags & I mostly give good feedback in the change rooms (lets face it, my Mum looks hot in anything) I will MOST definitely need to help push the trolley at the supermarket or the stroller at the park, I am absolutely too BIG to just sit in it anymore.

I can climb up the slide steps and then slide down it on my own.. if Mum is at the end to catch me.

Sometimes I unscrew things and screw them back on just to prove I am a big boy now, just to remind her the other day I unscrewed the lid on her nail polish.... I think I proved my point, She should've known I was big enough to do it.

I sing in the shower sometimes, I sing with rage most Saturdays, I sing in the car ALL the time.. (because that's where the good songs are.)

I can pop and lock just like a real hip hopper, are you down with that?

Anyway, I need to go find something to unscrew.

See you


Monday, November 21, 2011

General Service Announcement.

Pa rum pum pum pum! If booqi can make it to 99 'likers' (on facebook) by November 30 we will kick off the Christmas season with our very own 12 days of booqi. 

Thats a NEW giveaway everyday for the first 12 days of December! So spread the love, get your friends to like our page and let the festivities begin!

Friday, November 18, 2011

To you I say...

Stop your whinging, there's ice-cream involved!

Yesterday we went to the pool

 Bastian has been taking swimming lessons with his Bestie, W.W on Wednesdays in Werribee.

He has become so confident in the water, he now clean jumps straight in (with the knowledge you will catch him of course!) He puts his head under and comes up laughing.

After the pool it was such a nice day we decided to grab some fish and chips and head down to the water front.

After tea we got ice-cream of course!

It was very VERY drippey

 MMMM yumm.

TODAy: someone stole my hair and then I looked in the mirror and saw Mum. This made me like my hair cut a little less..

 Now I am trying to embrace the shortness of it all.. and there is a lot less scowling going on..

Next week we will put some highlights in it, ready for the wedding of the century and for the holiday of the year..

Jess x

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The never ending story.. (that did eventually end)

This week we made an arc de triomphe for our stake ball.

(the arc in 'make' mode)

 Our kiss under the Eiffel Tower.

 Being arrogant, and VERY french

 The delight after winning a bottle of Mason for BEST dressed! Thankyou.. we blew the competition away...

The Arc in 'made' mode, phew!

My frenchie outfit.

Table decorations designed/collaborated/executed by me, for stake ball centrepieces.

These black board tags will be appearing in the store soon..

Hopefully I will be able to gleen some pictures of the decorations on the night from somewhere.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Last week:

Presents were made..

Smiles were smiled..

Stamps were stamped..

Fingers were painted..

Beaches were visited 

Mangos were eaten

Holidays were organised

Engagements were asked & Weddings were planned



Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pappa Pappa Paparazzi

Last week we saw cutie fatty legs.

The football

GOAL! pound that.

we won! (gerroff Dad)

Playing in the park

Cocoa is cool as a cucumber

First family pics captured by ... random stranger. Thanks random guy!

Family love

Taking the dog for a walk..

Or is she taking Bastian for a walk?

Happy hugs

Phew, what a big week. Lucky the paparazzi were there to capture it all!