Thursday, November 24, 2011

18 months

Dear World, 
In case you didn't know. I AM a big boy now.

I have turned 18 months.

I LOOOUve Icy poles on hot days, and just like a big boy I hold them at the stick.

I have driven my first car.

I even have a special bag JUST for nursery (thats where big boys go to learn about the gospel)

I must ALWAYS help Mum carry her shopping bags & I mostly give good feedback in the change rooms (lets face it, my Mum looks hot in anything) I will MOST definitely need to help push the trolley at the supermarket or the stroller at the park, I am absolutely too BIG to just sit in it anymore.

I can climb up the slide steps and then slide down it on my own.. if Mum is at the end to catch me.

Sometimes I unscrew things and screw them back on just to prove I am a big boy now, just to remind her the other day I unscrewed the lid on her nail polish.... I think I proved my point, She should've known I was big enough to do it.

I sing in the shower sometimes, I sing with rage most Saturdays, I sing in the car ALL the time.. (because that's where the good songs are.)

I can pop and lock just like a real hip hopper, are you down with that?

Anyway, I need to go find something to unscrew.

See you



Nettie's Blog said...

eeeewww Happy B1rthday to the most handsome 18 month old i know...who has the spunkiest mum and hottest dad and the most withit Nanna...he he he!!!!

The Kings said...

haha! Funny. What a cute man. Bet he wasn't so cute with the nail polish :)

Collette said...

naw he's so big AND IM MISSING IT!! hurry up and move back already so he can bring that cute bag to MY nursery:)

melandpeter said...

LOVE the nursery bag! Did you make it Jess? He is growing up so fast. I notice it if I don't see him for a couple of weeks so I can imagine how much your family in Tas are seeing him change in the pics and on Skype and just want to be around him all the time!! Love your cute little fam xx

Simone Triffitt said...

Dear Bastian, you are growing SO big!!! Silly Mummy not knowing you are so clever with the nail polish. :)