Thursday, September 30, 2010

अन इंसिडेंट

प्रोबब्ल्य वोंट बे ब्लॉग्गिंग फॉर अ व्हिले बेकाउसे ओउर लैपटॉप हस नो गोने थे समे वे अस थे कैमरा। दाद, गोने।

I have no Idea how my last post came out in Hindi.


I will probably not be blogging for a while because the HD drive on the laptop is dead, gone. Just like the camera.

(addition: Don't things break in three's? whats next??)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Loving the Post..

I am love, love, loving when the postman comes lately because I got myself some:

and some:

Can't wait until my Birthday present arrives with more! (Thanks Simone)

*a shout out goes to Kyle for starring in this post.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A new Era

Since Kyle & I have entered a new season in our lives I decided my "look" should begin to reflect this stage. (don't hold me to that I might change my mind later)

the NEW me.

I don't think I have had hair this short since primary schools legendary bowl cut. Mum?

I have no hair. Gone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

E & T wed.


I met the lovely bride when I was at art school in Tasmania and had the privilege of going to see her wed a fantastic young man (who just also happens to have great taste in designing engagement rings, I wish I had got a photo of her ring, it was truly truly beautiful)

-- The Bridal Party - {fun fact, spot Edward Cullens Doppelgangers - yes plural}

The church was in Melbourne so I braved the Victorian public transport system in heels and managed to arrive still in-tact.

It was such a gorgeous chapel - with stained glass windows, Ivy framed walls and white roses with ribbon dancing on the end of each pew.

Just like a fairy tale we all stood and turned as she stood framed in the double doors before she began her descent to the front of the Chapel.

I loved the ceremony, I loved her dress & veil (the veil had been hand made with lace hand stitched around the edges)

After some photos (most not from me - stupid broken camera) it was off to rendezvous at the Rendezvous Hotel for the reception. (sorry couldn't help myself.)

I had such a blast and met so many awesome people - it was honestly the most amazing experience to see the bride and groom so in love & SO so happy.

--The happy couple

I LOVE weddings!

Thanks for the love, the laughs and the excellent company.

Mary Poppins


Outside the theatre the conversation goes a little something like this..

Collette " AH I can't wait to go in, I hope this 'Bert' is as good as Dick VanDyke"
Jess "Yeah! I love Dick"

awkward pause..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Sorry about the blogging (or lack of) I was trying to take photo's the other week of some big butt baby pants which I made for Bass and I dropped the camera, ruined it. gone.

Anyway, onto something brighter!

Bastian & Kyle had their first Fathers day.

Below : Bastians first turn with a pen (Mum helped with his name)

Happy 1st Fathers Day Hunny :)