Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mary Poppins


Outside the theatre the conversation goes a little something like this..

Collette " AH I can't wait to go in, I hope this 'Bert' is as good as Dick VanDyke"
Jess "Yeah! I love Dick"

awkward pause..


melandpeter said...

ahahaha. How can no-one have commented on that post. I think that is classic. So was the show good?

Charlotte said...

Hey Jess, just came across your blog.
That is the funniest thing ever! Classic! I love Mary Poppins, and would love to go see it.
Hope it was good.

Collette said...

hahah because its AWKWARD! and TOTALLY inappropriate! I can't believe you blogged this convo jess! The best bit about the convo was that no one else heard...dah!