Wednesday, September 15, 2010

E & T wed.


I met the lovely bride when I was at art school in Tasmania and had the privilege of going to see her wed a fantastic young man (who just also happens to have great taste in designing engagement rings, I wish I had got a photo of her ring, it was truly truly beautiful)

-- The Bridal Party - {fun fact, spot Edward Cullens Doppelgangers - yes plural}

The church was in Melbourne so I braved the Victorian public transport system in heels and managed to arrive still in-tact.

It was such a gorgeous chapel - with stained glass windows, Ivy framed walls and white roses with ribbon dancing on the end of each pew.

Just like a fairy tale we all stood and turned as she stood framed in the double doors before she began her descent to the front of the Chapel.

I loved the ceremony, I loved her dress & veil (the veil had been hand made with lace hand stitched around the edges)

After some photos (most not from me - stupid broken camera) it was off to rendezvous at the Rendezvous Hotel for the reception. (sorry couldn't help myself.)

I had such a blast and met so many awesome people - it was honestly the most amazing experience to see the bride and groom so in love & SO so happy.

--The happy couple

I LOVE weddings!

Thanks for the love, the laughs and the excellent company.


Nettie's Blog said...

i am with you...i am a sucker for a wedding too but it seems like i am going to more funerals these days...must be getting old i guess???

Collette said...

hahaha at the cullens crack!

Chelsea Parsons said...

I LOVE weddings and get to go to SOOO many!!! They make me happy. Have my first for the season this Saturday. I have a tear at alot of them during the ceremony!!! I wanted to see your friends veil up sounded beautiful

Eloise said...

Yeah the bride looked pretty fine. Even better then her veil or those Edward Cullen impersonators =P