Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 Samuel 11

Ok. So today I took the lesson in young married sunday school class.
(I'm the new young married co-ordinator, Yay)

I took a white shirt, some red food colouring, velvet soap and a bucket of warm water.

The idea was that the t-shirt was us/David and I splashed the food dye on it when we discussed how David sinned/and things that we do wrong.

(thinking that:
A) food colouring is edible so it must be organically made and OBVIOUSLY easy to get out
B) velvet soap is amazing )

We then moved onto repentance and becoming clean, I dunked the shirt in the water and started scrubbing.

The result:



(note to self: next time test out the object lesson before hand)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today is a sad day

5.5 wks

I'm not sure why; I think I might utterly miss my Nan.

or my Aunties

Its utterly sad, I haven't met my cousins or my puppy dog.

Mum gives me cuddles to make me feel better.

Then quietly books a flight.

An uncanny likeness..

Bastian 2010
Jess 2007

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Aunty Collette

thought you might like to see...

I fit into your pressie now

sorry the writing is backwards

Bastian xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

sleepy time, boobie time & poopie time.

This week Mum, Simone & Collette came to stay.
We met Lisa at the temple.

Bastian was super good all week-- sleeping in the car seat while we jetted around the Vic; eating on the go, pooping on the go - even patiently sleeping in the temple waiting room on Wednesday.

He is becoming more aware everyday and enjoys talking, frowning & squeaking.

BUT luckily he still enjoys his sleepy time, most nights we get a good 4 hours in between feeds - THEN some nights he surprises Mum & Dad with 5-6 hrs.

(The above comment excludes the night Collette & Mum left as Bastian was obviously SOO upset they had gone home that he JUST could NOT sleep)

A BIG thanks to Mum & Simone & Collette for visiting - and looking after the little boy especially baby sitting while we went out for a romantic one year anniversary dinner.