Thursday, June 10, 2010

sleepy time, boobie time & poopie time.

This week Mum, Simone & Collette came to stay.
We met Lisa at the temple.

Bastian was super good all week-- sleeping in the car seat while we jetted around the Vic; eating on the go, pooping on the go - even patiently sleeping in the temple waiting room on Wednesday.

He is becoming more aware everyday and enjoys talking, frowning & squeaking.

BUT luckily he still enjoys his sleepy time, most nights we get a good 4 hours in between feeds - THEN some nights he surprises Mum & Dad with 5-6 hrs.

(The above comment excludes the night Collette & Mum left as Bastian was obviously SOO upset they had gone home that he JUST could NOT sleep)

A BIG thanks to Mum & Simone & Collette for visiting - and looking after the little boy especially baby sitting while we went out for a romantic one year anniversary dinner.


Wheeler Team said...

I love that black & white photo! He is so gorgeous. It is so good that he is adaptable & agreeable. I'm glad I got to meet him and have a cuddle (and practice changing nappies hehe).

Nettie's Blog said...

About time we had more pics of your darling little man Bastian.... His auntie Collette sure is spoiling him there....
what an angel

fifi said...

angel?? pfft haha.. he is a cutie tho!