Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010

Bastians Great Nan

When we were in Hobart we went to visit Nan (or Great Nan to Bastian)
She was born August, 1913 and lives in Mary's Grange, Sandy Bay.

Blow kisses for Nan.

My Nan can be VERY funny, she has always had a good opinion on just about everything, that opinion is hilarious even more so now because she is deaf and speaks EXTRA loud and also because she has short term memory loss so repeats things.

When we first got there she thought we were coming to visit because it was her birthday

"You've come to visit for my birthday- I even forgot, you scallywags!"

(Nan's Birthday is not in July, but we said Happy Birthday anyway.)

Then I bring Bastian out of his car seat and she says " Oo he is plump, isn't he? "

then she Goes on to say " Oh he's a little fat boy" .. "what a fatty"

Then Bastian starts to grizzle and she says " Tell your Mum you want the tittie " .. " C'mon Mum give me some tittie"


It was so nice to see all the oldies & the joy that a little baby gave to them.

Nan also started to cry and say " He is beautiful you should be so proud of him"

Sometimes it is hard visiting Nan because she seems to recognise that she should know who we are but just cant remember, I'm glad we visit her as often as we can.

and I am proud of my Bastian and EXTRA proud of my Nan.

ps: If you have some priceless Nan moments comment about them so we can reminisce.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

ECO centre

SO since I have almost been home a week I thought I should blog about my Tasmania trip.

The first weekend we went to the Eco Centre - some random building with plants in it, set up to heat/cool economically with vents and such.

Cool place, nice food.

Awesome locally made produce including: RHU-BRU (a Tas made Rhubarb drink) and Elderberry fizz.

Fun in Scottsdale.

here endeth.