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The other day when I was thinking about making a record of things from my perspective in courier moments, I was also thinking about all the things my Mum has told me a bazillion times. (you know the stories about her growing up and the stories about me when I was growing up) Yeah.. literally, a bazillion stories - ones that I may.. or may not have listened to .. or ones where I might not remember the whole story.

OR the stories might have been influenced by Collette adding little fibby bits. Like the time she told me when Lisa's horse died Dad cut it up with an axe into little bits because he couldn't dig a hole big enough for it.

{which I am sure isn't true... is THAT true?!}

n.b: being the youngest can create havoc on your memories sometimes because bigger sisters like to throw in a few twists.

So, I decided.. before she decided to die.. which is NOT going to happen for another 50 years - but to get a head start on it.

I will get answers. Straight from the horses mouth.

The following are posts written by my Mum in response to questions I have asked her.

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