Thursday, December 18, 2008


StrANGEr thinGs:
So i got an email from the convention organisers saying that I needed to submit a new photo as the one I had sent was inappropriate and they needed one which showed my whole face and only had me in the picure..
(I sent them a few to choose from as I wasn't sure which one they would like best)
I'm taking bets on which one will win -- see if you can guess (winner will be announced after picture is verified at convenny)
this is what my registration said:
Preferred Name: Jess Gibson
Occuption/Study: Contemporary Arts Student (Visual)
Favourite Scripture: scripture
Hero: Collette Gibson
Quote: "i think i just wee'd on my cape" (Mummy Gibson)
Goal: ....get hitched.

Yes ... i am thinking this convention is definitly going to be one of the best..
(P.S -- Nettie and Kel just gave us PANDORA bracellets for christmas !! holy smokes BEST MENTORS EVER!!)