Thursday, August 18, 2016

Not very British, British.

We bought a house. And of course - that means we can add to the family! (It's really hard to find pet friendly rentals in Australia )


Tarquinius (meaning King) D.O.B: 1/10/15 + our newer family member Tuesday (meaning God of war and law) D.OB 13/11/15

or informally known as Taco + Tuesday.

Even though Tuesday is only 6 weeks younger than Taco she is much, much smaller - British shorthairs are one of the few domesticated  breed of cats where males are bigger than females - and for all intensive purposes, Taco is going to be a BIG boy.

We have fallen in love with the breed, they are the softest, kindest little/big kitties you ever did meet.

For more information on British Shorthairs go here.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Ask Mummy Gibson

[see Mum's last post here]

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” 
― Dr. SeussOh, The Places You'll Go!

In our current quest for a home we have moved 6 times in 6 years of marriage. Each and every house has become a home in some way. Some I have valued and loved more than others. Some I will miss and long for, some less so. Each house is piece of my history, the building blocks of my soul.

Tell me a bit about each of the places you have lived?

I grew up in Tasmania. Until I was five I loved in Roland. The house was on a hill and looked out over paddocks, the railway station and other houses. When I was five we moved to Staverton to a farm, and again on a hill. Out the window were green paddocks, animals and trees. The best part was if you went to the top of the hill on a clear day one would see a semicircle of beautiful mountains. Mt Roland, Mt Claude, Mt Van Dyke, Cradle Mountain, Barn Bluff and Black Bluff. The best view in the world, I would love a painting or picture of this but it would be too difficult to get it all in.
At thirteen I went to boarding school in Lyttleton Street, Launceston. A nice quiet area with a view of houses next door, very nice red brick houses.
For a while I went back home to Staverton and then I went to Melbourne, Victoria.
At first I lived in the Salvation Army Hostel in Spring Street. The view there was the homeless refuge next door!!
Then I lived with my Aunt in Moonee Ponds. 1 Dean Street, right near the junction. No view here except if you went out the back gate you looked straight across to the Moonee Valley Racecourse.
After that I lived in Sydney, New South Wales.  Greenacre and Bankstown.   No view in either place as they were both out the back of houses. Sydney itself had beautiful views.
I then lived back in Tasmania, firstly in Hobart. South view, West Hobart with a magnificent view of the Derwent River out the back and the City out the side.
Then on the Glebe with a beautiful view of the city and the mountain in the background.
The last place I lived in Hobart was just past North Hobart and this had no view at all.
Then I moved to Devonport and lived in a beautiful old house that was divided into flats. I lived in the back one but if you went out the front garden you could see all of Devonport and the River, it too was beautiful.
The next move was to Launceston, firstly West Launceston with a view over the city! then another house in West Launceston a little closer to the City but still with a lovely view. Then I moved to Trevallyn Road. This looked straight down over the River and to the banks beyond. It was a beautiful view and extremely calming and peaceful.
Then we moved to Invermay and the only view was a lovely garden. Then came 11 French Street with a view out the back of South Launceston and out to Kings Meadows. Next to Hobart road with a view out the back of hills and High school. Then to Penquite Road, Newstead with a lovely view over the hills and valleys to St Leonards. The next move was to St Leonards and the view then was back across the River to Norwood and Newstead. From there I moved to Bridport where I had a panoramic view of the bay and out to sea. I could spend hours just sitting looking out. If I looked the other way I saw the golf course (Barnbougle) and the countryside looking towards Scottsdale.  That took me up to retirement at age 65 and a mission to Salt lake City, Utah where I am at present.......who knows what the future will bring!

Tasmania truly does have some beautiful views, Thanks Mum x

30 is dirty.. ( it rhymed ok?) but liquor is quicker

*another catch up blog because I'm lazy and never blog

Also I feel like my blog headings are going down hill fast..

This year Ky turned the big 30 which is super old if you ask me. And apparently super close to Simone's age because she is going to be 35 forever.. 

I didn't get any ANY pictures at his super sweet awesome 30th birthday party which I definitely organised because I am the best wife ever, and considering I am the self appointed family events planner and photo snapperer - it's mighty disappointing. 

I do have the pictures I whisked up for his invitations though. My inspiration from the wonderful Sam but I'm too stingy and lonesome for life, mostly, so I decided to see if I could create a likeness.

FYI - it's Kyle at different ages. I know it may not seem like it - but he actually did once have ken doll hair. (see here for evidence)

One of his 30th birthday goals was to have one of these... aka a LAND ROVER DEFENDER ( echo echo echo)

So naturally he got one like this ... (its tax deductible you see..)

And then I got a barrage of photo's of his car doing different things (I'll save you the pain) although - this snow pic is pretty cool - the odometer readings every time it hit something "awesome" every ten minutes were not..

apparently awesome odometer pic
All in all - a pretty good start to 2015 for the oldest member of our family. (I just threw that one in to remind you its going to be a few more years before I, myself, turn 30.. )

Happy 30th Birthday Ky.