Sunday, October 04, 2015

30 is dirty.. ( it rhymed ok?) but liquor is quicker

*another catch up blog because I'm lazy and never blog

Also I feel like my blog headings are going down hill fast..

This year Ky turned the big 30 which is super old if you ask me. And apparently super close to Simone's age because she is going to be 35 forever.. 

I didn't get any ANY pictures at his super sweet awesome 30th birthday party which I definitely organised because I am the best wife ever, and considering I am the self appointed family events planner and photo snapperer - it's mighty disappointing. 

I do have the pictures I whisked up for his invitations though. My inspiration from the wonderful Sam but I'm too stingy and lonesome for life, mostly, so I decided to see if I could create a likeness.

FYI - it's Kyle at different ages. I know it may not seem like it - but he actually did once have ken doll hair. (see here for evidence)

One of his 30th birthday goals was to have one of these... aka a LAND ROVER DEFENDER ( echo echo echo)

So naturally he got one like this ... (its tax deductible you see..)

And then I got a barrage of photo's of his car doing different things (I'll save you the pain) although - this snow pic is pretty cool - the odometer readings every time it hit something "awesome" every ten minutes were not..

apparently awesome odometer pic
All in all - a pretty good start to 2015 for the oldest member of our family. (I just threw that one in to remind you its going to be a few more years before I, myself, turn 30.. )

Happy 30th Birthday Ky.

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Collette said...

Yep your blog headings are definitely going downhill haha