Sunday, October 04, 2015

Chelli Turned 1

Chelli turned one (many moons ago) and I haven't been very good at regularly blogging at all this year, but tonight I felt the urge.

Anyway - As I was saying. She turned the big ONE.

We celebrated with a Garden Party of the Garden Variety.

There was of course some edible dirt to intrigue and delight the guests ..

 Boy actually loved eating it and had most of them... because who doesn't love mousse topped with Oreo crumbs?

I hung Baubles from the tree in the centre of the park - because well .. who doesn't want floral baubles to laze on a picnic rug and look at on their first birthday??

Chelli eats like a giant and decided that Ky needed some nourishing too.

The fam , the tree, the cultured croquet course, the park... perfect weather...

Five things I love about the girl of my dreams.

1. Your appetite for everything - food, life.. everything
2. Your smoochy wet kisses.
3. Your Chelli Chub, especially your legs. I could nibble your legs all day.
4. Your resilience, fall down - try again? No problem!
5. Your courage. " I laugh in the face of heights.. ha ha ha!"

 It was a glorious day for a very special one year old.

(The flower crown lasted 0.2 seconds, but it was totally worth it)

Happy 1 Chelli Bubba x

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melandpeter said...

What a beauty! Looks like it was a great occasion. Nice job on the treats and decorations as usual. xx