Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 Samuel 11

Ok. So today I took the lesson in young married sunday school class.
(I'm the new young married co-ordinator, Yay)

I took a white shirt, some red food colouring, velvet soap and a bucket of warm water.

The idea was that the t-shirt was us/David and I splashed the food dye on it when we discussed how David sinned/and things that we do wrong.

(thinking that:
A) food colouring is edible so it must be organically made and OBVIOUSLY easy to get out
B) velvet soap is amazing )

We then moved onto repentance and becoming clean, I dunked the shirt in the water and started scrubbing.

The result:



(note to self: next time test out the object lesson before hand)


Nettie's Blog said...

love it Jess... perhaps you should of sprayed it with Preen bfore you went on witht he lesson ...or taken some napisan to soak it in.... funny ...but i loved the idea.... good ya xxxx

melandpeter said...

hahaha. Don't you hate when you have all these grand ideas and it just fizzles. However, I'm sure you still got the point across. I loved the lesson on David today. I especially loved the psalm where he's pouring his heart out to his Heavenly Father.

The Kings said...

ha ha - nice one :)

Milla Mitchell said...

hahahahahahaha. ha ha ha. ha! This cracked me up Jess! xx

Wheeler Team said...

Perhaps it shows that after we have sinned we can never return to exactly as we were before hand, we will always be a little bit tarnished from the experience....particularly if it is a morality sin or one we cannot make restitution for. I think your lesson sounds great, have fun with your new calling.

Collette said...

yeah...good one

I am Elle said...

oh dear!! Well, umm.. yeah.. oh dear... yes.. well.. the idea is awesome.... and I am sure you got your point accross.. BUT it's very hilarious it didn't work.. and hey, when 'bad' things happen, it only makes a good blog post right? :)

Eloise said...

I'm sorry that it didn't work out Jess =/ It sounded like a really good idea though!