Friday, November 18, 2011

To you I say...

Stop your whinging, there's ice-cream involved!

Yesterday we went to the pool

 Bastian has been taking swimming lessons with his Bestie, W.W on Wednesdays in Werribee.

He has become so confident in the water, he now clean jumps straight in (with the knowledge you will catch him of course!) He puts his head under and comes up laughing.

After the pool it was such a nice day we decided to grab some fish and chips and head down to the water front.

After tea we got ice-cream of course!

It was very VERY drippey

 MMMM yumm.

TODAy: someone stole my hair and then I looked in the mirror and saw Mum. This made me like my hair cut a little less..

 Now I am trying to embrace the shortness of it all.. and there is a lot less scowling going on..

Next week we will put some highlights in it, ready for the wedding of the century and for the holiday of the year..

Jess x


The Kings said...

haha!! Wedding of the century! Aint that the truth! :) VERY funky hair Jess. Bastian is so cute.

Chelsea Parsons said...

lovin the new do. You can pull anything off x

Simone Triffitt said...

Mum's going to love reading this. :)

Nettie's Blog said...

i see your sister Collie Dog too...but it looks pretty Chic to me...

What wedding ...Whose there a wedding...why wasnt i told??????

No just joking!!!!
we have waited so long for thid sure is the wedding of the Century

but first the the BASH next saturday arvo ..afternoon the queen going to be there!!!!! or is it Princess Mary that why its an afternoon tea party...he he

melandpeter said...

Love the pixie do Jess. What a spunk you are :-) A big change though hey!! Also loving that pic of Bass with ice-cream all over his face. x