Friday, September 26, 2008



last night for my birthday (YES the one day of the year its not my UNbirthday!!) Chad took me to see Birds of Tokyo which was AWESOME!!

Heck YEs! (photo's to be loaded soon)

HERE IS ME AT 20!! (see above) clearly still over tired from not getting to bed till the wee hours/ was worth it!

also here is the photo of my new hair EVERyONe has been waiting for... (see above above)

CIAO mia amichi!


Elissa said...

Happy Birthday. Maybe for a present i'll let launy have the fast breaker there in november :) I know i'm too kind ;0

Essie said...

Hello Gorgeous Birthday GIRLIE! Looking absolutely beautiful with that hair cut. Makes you look like a perfect 20 year old. HECK Jess... how did you get THAT old? Loves ya chicky babe!
Love Ess
P.S "Hi 5" September birthday girl!

Emily said...

happy birthday jess i hope you have a good one enen though its alredy happend.
love ya

Collette said...

hope you enjoyed my niceness on your birthday...364 days until it happens again...