Monday, September 22, 2008

"HAPPY UNbirthday!"

(Generally I am still catching the bus but since it has been raining the walk from the bus to school has not been so appealing - dont get me wrong i'm still a greenie)

Today @ 8:15 I thought to myself " I think I should go to school now and get and early minute " - usually I leave at about 8.40 if i am going to drive. (since it was raining, I was going to drive)

I get down to the car, put the key in the ignition and nothing happens/ NOTHING at all!! it doesnt even tick over. I check i didnt leave my lights on (i haven driven it for over a week so naturally this could have caused the problem though it is pretty hard to leave the car lights ESPECIALly when parked in the garage so this would be a pretty dumb thing to do.)

Nope they were off .. I am now thinking " great, how do i get to school now? " then I realise there is an 8:26 bus which i can just catch. I FRANTICALLY run around trying to find my umbrella (which i cant find ) and sprint to the bus stop. Just in time to catch the bus.

Randomly : on the way to school Jack Preb. boards the bus and we chat till he gets off [almost and then properly ;) ]at Newstead College. {as a side note he is 18 in like 3 months. Whoa i feel old}

Then I get to my stop which is outside the city park. I now have three uncovered blocks and the Arts School parking area (which is BIG)to sprint past THROUGH the rain. UNumbrellad. UNprepared.

I get to school and look like a drowned rat, cold and shivering the rain had leaked through my so called ROXY raincoat. Turns out its just parachute material pRETendiNg to be waterproof.

What an onslaught: Its days like this you feel like you should have just stayed in bed.

as the mad hatter puts it "HAPPY UNbirthday!"

P.s: not to worry if it is he battery which i am certain it is since it was behaving like it is the battery i'm not worried because i only bought a new one about 10 months ago and it has a years warranty on it i think?


Sim-Dim said...

And the great thing is you get to do this all over again on the way home too because it is STILL raining. :(
If I lived in Launy I would have come and picked u up after school and we could have had a nice hot choccie together.

Collette said...

blah blah blah launnie blah blah it ever gonna happen simone? haha...
I thought this post was going to be about MY happy unbirthday present...poo...
You should feel old i mean your nearly TWENTY ...come on!!

The Kings said...

Rain sucks!! Thought the weather was supposed to be getting better by now! :(

Jess Bradbury said...

Oh you poor thing!
Tassie rain is flippin FREEZING too!