Thursday, September 11, 2008

A TRIp to CRAig

As most close to me know, I hate hairdressers. 

We go to them to get OUR hair cut - they usually cut it the wrong way and then after hours of  work and AFTER its all dried and styled they ask "hows it look?" ...

.. here you must make a choice. They have just spent who knows how long making their own masterpiece and without fail whether i like it or not i always say. " Yes, thats fantastic : I really like it " 

why is it so hard to be truthful and say.. "well actually it could be a bit shorter or YOU CUT OFF TOO MUCH!!" (which is often the case)''

Collette recently went to a senior stylist called Craig at Bliss in Launceston to get her hair dyed. As you all probably know... I went for holding hand - moral support for the first dye which is what a favourite sister ALWAYS should do.

He was really nice and I thought well - he is a senior stylist and after OVER 10.5 months (that is nearly a whole year !!) of avoiding the dreaded hair dresser my ends were pretty bad.


I would just like to thank Craig for restoring my faith in Hairdressers. He was excellent - although it is a tad shorter than I wanted he talked me through it and told me it needed that much off because of the damage but if i get over my MASSIVE fear and come back regularly we will get it back to a lovely long HEALTHy length =D yay!

It was the best $55.00 I have spentEVER.


Biggest Sis said...

Well done Jessica, EXTREMELY brave of you! Where's a photo?

MillaMitch said...

Hooray for Craig!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh i hate them too. I'd prefer to be face to face with a spider than a hairdresser. Glad you are happy. Would like to know where the pic is too!

Essie said...

Where's the pics then Jessypessy?

Collette said...

its not even short:)