Friday, October 03, 2008

Interview @ St Giles= Near death scary (eek)


Just a little bit about the interview I had on Friday, I applied for a Casual Support Worker on Monday by sending in an application which had been sent out to me the Friday before. (If that makes sense) Then i received a phone call on the Wednesday (after the MOnday I had sent the Application with CV in of course)

Because I have no previous experience in Support Working I was basically fine until we got to the role plays at which point in time I'm sure a little bit of wee came out... but we shall have to wait and see how i went.

NOt expecting anything: Rather just really need a job for the money right now-- arty poverty has suddenly lost its appeal.


Essie said...

What's St Giles? Sounds familiar... what's the go Jess?

The Kings said...

Jess! That is great you applied at St Giles. They are always soooo short of workers there. Whenever we need a support worker for Noah we can never find anyone. Good luck!!

Collette said...

a little bit of wee came out?? i'm sure that went down really well!!

melandpeter said...

Hey Jess,
You should talk to my mum. She works as a support worker at st giles. She would have made a good reference...if you want any tips I can help you out!
I am trying to imagine the scenarios/role play they could have given you...most are doosies!

Jessica said...

haha.. well

Violent clients, wrong medications.. yelling.. I was so out of my comfort zone.

But its good experience.