Monday, October 06, 2008



So as many of you probably know I have been called as Teacher in Primary which means I am teaching (only just-- rather they teach me) the kiddies who are 8 - 9 which turns out is two little tackers. Jay and Kady.(she insists that is how we are spelling her name now)

Well.. they are an absolute JOY and a HUMUNGUScrack up.

Last week for instance we hopped in a time machine and went back to different times ... I dressed up as different prophets and talked about what they did and then we guessed who I was.

Well when it came to Kady's turn to dress up she went inside the time machine (a craftily placed space behind the chalk board which had a picture of a time machine on it)

She comes out with some blue material, bends over with two hands on the floor -- her bum sticking in the air and places the material down her back.

"GUESS??" she says..
Ah.. Clue?? I say..

"I'm in a theme park" 
(Hmm i am thinking a prophet in a theme park???)
"This is really really hard" I say
Kady makes a swoosh noise (turns out to be running water)

She was a water slide.. YEs. A water slide. mmm
She definitely learnt something that week...

tHis weeK...

We were learning how it must've been WAY hard (in my words) for Samuel the Lamanite {Jay gives us the low down:Who prayed and was told to preach and went on the wall but arrows couldnt hit him} and Nephi {Jay gives us another low down:son of Nephi, who was son of Helaman} to preach to the people.. We chatted a bit about signs of the first coming and then signs of the second coming and then we became modern day prophets or missionaries and we tracted each other.

WHEn it was the Jess' (visitor + me) turn to be missionaries we knocked on the class room door.. (WE had dress ups for different characters) Jay opens the door with a shawl on, he is bent over like an old man and is holding a grey led as a walking stick.. his lips are wrapped around his teeth and he speaks in a lippy lisp. "Herro"

So Jessie and I start talking to him about being missionaries and talked a bit about Jesus at which he says (in the lisp)

 " I dope really wanp to palk about cheesuus" - - " I habe to pind my palse peef" 

OH HILARIOUS!! I was in stitches... it was definitly a tough tract with no golden contact;)

Clearly I have total control when we learn that it was "WAY" hard for Samuel to preach about "Cheesuus"


Country/City Boy said...

Looks like an interesting class, full of fun and laughter and learning

Hope you enjoy it

The Kings said...

Ha ha - what a crack up!! I'm getting worried now about what Jay may come out with! He LOVES drama, and loves your primary class. He was asking me this morning if when he's allowed to get a mobile phone if he can get an Iphone like yours, as he told me it was GREAT as you had the scriptures on it and he got to read the scripture off your phone.

Jessica said...

haha-- he might loose his scriptures more often by the sound of it!!

Collette said...

i can't believe you're corrupting them with iphone scriptures...haha...i love how jay knows more than you!!

The Kings said...

Yeah - he left his scriptures at Deloraine ward last week and now he may ask Grandma and Grandpa not to bring them back so he can keep using your iphone! I keep telling him he's never allowed to get a mobile, and now he's telling me its okay to have an iphone as he can have scriptures on it!

Alison said...


Glad there's a link to my blog now.

Hopefully I'll get some more traffic around at my blog ;)


Bec and I still talk about that time I was sitting behind you guys.

Me (in text): "I'm behind you"
Bec (in text): "I'm behind you too! Bahaha"
Me (in text): "No, really, I am behind you...... I can see you sitting with Jessica Gibson"
(Bec shows you the phone and you both make a laughing/scared face and turn around.)
(I laugh and gave you both an "I told you so" face.)

I guess the LAST place in the entire world Bec expected me to be was at an LDS activity ;) Haha.