Wednesday, October 08, 2008



So earlier I mentioned that CHaddy and I had sum treats for OUR birthdays..
THIS was Chaddys. HIS birthday is on the 12th of SEP.

WE went to see faKer...

(above is me with the boys.. they are bobbing to make me feel better.. aw)
{we also got some signed albums, a tshirt and some guitar piks!}

THIS is Chaddy with FAker.. n.b: they are the same height as him now ;)
Below: OUR AWESOME spots.. so close.

WELl: As I was ALSO saying earlier I got to go see BIrds Of TOkyO with Chaddy on the 25th for my birthday :D

                       -- We LOVE bIRds oF ToKYo 

This is me with the GUitarist and the SInger (who you might know also sings for KArnivool)
They were REAlly REALLY cool. (SEE those chips? Yeah, we ate chips and chatted with 'em)
THElights were FANTASTIC.. thought id put some of those pics in...
All in all THE BIRTHDAY month celebrations actually WEnt FOR A WHOLE month!!

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Collette said...

how can it be chads treat when he paid for both!