Wednesday, October 15, 2008


LASt WEeKend:

Emily and I had a chance to hang out and do some cool pics.. I wont say much because Emily is gun blog the day on her blog -- but these are a couple of the portraits that i got outa Em (aka the Super MOdel)


I love the way that she puts up with anything -- any situation I put her in she just does it no qualms.. 

ALSO: She is so photogenic -- I love her freckles and the way they speckle across her cheeks and nose and her eyes are such a piercing blue with her blonde hair.


Essie said...

Ooooh, love em Jess! Yay for Emily! She's gorgeous!

The Kings said...

Jess - they are awesome!! I love the one with the clouds - absolutely beautiful!

Collette said...

yeah the one in the field is way cool!!

Biggest Sis said...

Hey they are GREAT. They say good photographers can make anyone look good. I can't decide which one I like best between the tree one and the field. They are gorgeous!