Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CAN you BELIEVE it?!!

Hello to all you wonderful Uni students who are on holidays. How wonderful for you all!
Let me now highlight how long my holidays have been.

My last exhibition/portfolio was due last wednesday...

(Wait for it, I had the thurs, fri, sat, sun, mon .. and now )

I am back at school. winter school. 

Yes all my mid semester break will have come to an amount of TWO DAYS.. two because weekends are what I get every week and I usually have mondays off now due to winter school schedule.

So the only change was that I had two days off. SHOCk!! There you go. I clearly had my mid semester break didnt I!

Oh and on Sunday I managed to pick up a 10 min talk, 60 invitations for the gratitude dinner, a sunday school class next week and organiser of an event for the gratitide dinner.

Somebody save me.


Jack Prebble said...

Such is life.

relaxation is always short-lived.
which is frustrating

Country/City Boy said...

Looks life your character is going to br built Jess :)

Collette said...

bout time you did some work you bum...don't whinge to us just because you actually have to GO TO SCHOOL...haha

Jack Prebble said...

its good to see your sister is real supportive of you Jess :)