Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am EnGaged!

OK! Here is an update on my evil blogging plans to steal a baby to blog.

I shall call it baby Blog and it will be my blogged baby.

So clearly when I went to Hobart there was no way I could get away with stealing a baby... although one of Collettes pictures shows me planning to stow away with baby Minol.

(such evil stealing baby eyes)
Alas, it wasnt to be - and I couldnt even get close to baby Rowan because we never ended up visiting Chelsea.

So I headed back to Launceston in the hope that there would be a few younglings to blog up North ( I had heard about the arrival of baby Kobe) Friday night I arrived home and Simone and Sarra were over.. I considered going for Sarra but decided she was a tad old. Instead resigning to wait for when the new baby comes.

Sunday was a big day for baby hunting. I never had a chance to get near Lisa to have a look at her new bub - I think that they had found out and foiled my plans . baby Elliott was safely seen in the arms of his mum so I couldnt muscle in on him. There was a chance at about 5.00pm to go for baby Joe but he was too busy drooling on Dale. Sunday night I almost got away with baby Nyah when we were at the Prebbles.. but alas never even got to hold her (but I was close!)

So it was with great unlucky luck that all above babies were safely placed in capsules, arms and busy open areas where I could not safely grab them.

I got to thinking though, whats the next best thing to announce on a blog apart from a new baby or what the baby Blog is doing??

An engagement! (clearly have too much time on my hands, but thats besides the point) So I headed my evil plotting plans with the title to pull all you sordid nosey bloggers in mwaha.

(Collette interjects " I am an idiot") (Collette corrects her interjection " your an idiot")

but dont think, just because I had an unsuccesful week at baby stealing, that I have completely written off the idea of baby Blog. Watch out here I come.

(Collette interjects again " I should feed my dog I'm abusing it") (Collette corrects her interjection again " You should feed your dog I'm abusing it......no, I'm speaking on behalf of you ... .idiot.... I said your abusing it not I'm abusing it. )

N.B: Clearly there is more than one mentaly unstable person in this house.

The end


Collette said...

Don't talk about phoebe like that! BTW at least i know when and where to use your and you're..haha (a bit of the simone coming through there)

The Kings said...

Ha ha - too funny. You can gladly come and steal Kobe at midnight when he is screaming the house down! What is it with babies and being angels in the day, but wanting to be a pain all night?! Aaaargh!!

lisa W said...

I was trying to figure out if you meant engaged in your latest operation- as in your mind is engaged in thought...(shrug) Its a silly operation anyway, after 10 mins you'd be begging the mother to take it back, babies are only good for cooing over for 7 mins maximum.

Collette said...

Come on dude you're letting the blogging world down...surely you've done SOMETHING since trying to steal a baby...oh i forgot you're an arts student...never mind.