Monday, July 14, 2008



As petrol prices increase and my life as a jobless Uni bum plumets further into debt due to  increasing expenditures. I have taken up the new interest of catching the 7.50am bus to town every morning. Costing me a total of $1.80 every trip/I put this question to my bloggie bloggers.

Is it cheaper or even worth travelling using the bus system?
Sure enough the bus timetable has been updated for the St Leonards area. (which is great!) when I was younger (pre car) it was worth having a car just because the bus only ever came every two and a half hours or so. Now, with the new system you can bet there is one every hour.

FANTASTIc! but is it cheaper?

Does it cost me about the same in petrol and therefore should i just come in my car?
With the cost of parking and the cost of registration on top of petrol prices...

should i continue catching the bus for $1.80 and loose about half an hours extra sleep.. plus all the waiting time (i had forgotten how annoying it is waiting for the bus, especially in winter) or should i just get on with it and but that extreemly expensive petrol in my poor never service car?

remembering then I also have to catch the bus back... ah yes another $1.80.


Collette said...

I think you should catch the bus and splurge on a 10 tripper cause that will cut the cost of a bus the olden days you had 6 hours or something until you couldn't use your ticket again! have you looked into that??

Jessica said...

Indeed i now have a day tripper. (its oh so beatles isn't it?) and its an hour and a half i think.

I am Elle said...

right.. WELL if you want my 2 cents worth (your not really getting 2 cents, I don't have 2 cents to give)... I would catch the bus... and, I would buy a ten tripper - it will turn out alot cheaper in the long run.. my bus trip costs me $15.60.. so your $1.80 is pretty cheap.. although I do come from Hobart....