Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dearest Bloggers,

It is I, the artful artist, creative in every way possibly imagined. I am updating you from school. (second computer on the right at the front) The time is 4:27am.

I believe that all my dearest exam faring bloggie friends would like to hear great stories of studying courage. Ones in which I, the main heroin of course, bash through hours of relentless fatigue to complete two weeks worth of preperation in just three teeny days so that i can take a holiday in the study week. [ hobart here i come ] Alas, no progress has been made since i arrived on site at 2:58 am (woken from my sleep, wrenched from my dreams with the sudden urge to study harder, faster, longer.) BECAUSE! and listen to this... all ye fellow studiers and bloggie bloggers. I had come this early in the wee hours of this morning, hoping to get some audio done for my exhibition. HOWEVER! when i arrive I find someone else had the same intentions and is relentlessly hanging around so that I cannot complete my task.


I must ride out the ever increasing waves of fatigue and hunger (hunger probably cause my body is low on glucose to keep it awake) RIDE like a woman walking over hot coals. Sit it out, wait it out. And not blink for too long else i fear the blink will turn into " just resting my eyes"

My mind is a blanket. My head VERY sore.. these late nights cant be good for my skin. If only the thorn in my side would leave and go to bed. please go to bed ugly wasting time person... please??

A very fatigued Jess signing out.

p.s ( The sacrifice is great, but the blessings many... I shall be able to witness Baby Minols blessing. Its completely worth it.)


Collette said...

Your hair looks hot in these pics! btw you don't HAVE to come...noone is forcing you...weirdo:)

Country/City Boy said...

Nice comment Collette.

Are all Uni students as crazy getting up at that time. Isn't it supposed to be your up all night and sleep all morning?

The Kings said...

I'm so glad I'm not at uni anymore. I'm sure it will be worth it go to the blessing.

I am Elle said...

is that what we're supposed to do at Uni.. study? Yikesies, I thought I was missing something... I have 3 words for you Jess... you inspired me!!

Jack Prbz. said...


keep it together!

cant say i have the same dedication to study... your an insparation to all of us jess.