Friday, January 25, 2008

12.o2 aM:


After a very long sewing expedition at the CLARKs where I roped in some more volunteers for sewing sequins. COll and I decided to come home.. (yes we do live at home occasionally)

We reached the front door without much adu (simone correct me if i spelt that wrong) and SUDDENLY!! THE DOOR wouldn't OPEN!! the key did 360's in the lock instead of only doing 180's and opening.

SHOCK HorROR! we were on the street.... so we had to sleep in the gutter..

laughs... na, i broke in with my apt breaking in abilities. (plays theme music for mission impossible) and then we went to investigate.

WHICh was the wrong thing to do because then the front door wouldnt lock! so we were left exposed and ready for a harsh and ugly satanic world to enter our humble, spiritual, warm, sheltered home.

Here's what I captured:

me.. blogging events

did I help at all??

So now we're locked in for good because thats the only way we could fix the door to shut for the night...

Help? Somebody anybody??

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