Thursday, January 24, 2008


SO.. Today Milly and I ran all over Launceston searching high and low for things we needed for the camp dance...

(aka 24 square meters of dark blue material) We took the roll up to the shop assistant at SPOtLIgHt ( the happenin place to be) and we asked quite casually if we could have 24 meters of material... Her eyes popped out of her head and she cleared out her ears with her little finger (it made that ear clearing squeeking noise) just like it does on the cartoons.

Yes.. all in all it was fantastic until we got home and realised that we now needed to sew sequins onto that same 24 meters of material.. so that the (when we finally get through it) newly sequined 24 meters of material will glitter like stars for the dance.

Hip hip HOORay!!

Wish us luck as we work well into the night.

Here is an example of how long and tedious it has been so far..

completed about 7 meters of material in 2.5 hours.

La Vita e' Bella

P.p.P.s : In my defence. Collette often has a very vivid and highly exaggerated imagination. I do not claw, scratch, bite and hit: niether do i strangle and i most definitly do not hiss.

I do confess i hugged/cuddled her to the ground so i could tickle the camera out of her grasp.

nothing more, nothing less...


MillaMitch said...

That poor spotlight girl. Her jaw just dropped. he he he

My back is sore from sitting on the floor for 2.5 hours!!!

The Kings said...

Wow - you guys have a long night ahead of you! I'm sure it will look great, especially with all the stars as well.

Essie said...

You should have just glued the sequins on!!
Hope you guys have a ball at camp!!

Collette said...

That's Exactly what I said pes!!