Monday, January 21, 2008

tWinKle tWinKle

Ah yes, the dance for Australia Day camp is fast approaching...

With Milly doing smashingly with the playlist for the evening, i have gotten busy with my stars...

Picture 500 stars hanging from the ceiling with thin fishing wire, (which you cant see when the normal lights are off) so really they look beautifully suspended in mid air. THEN picture the room lit with soft illuminating fairy lights; the walls covered in soft white material. Yes..

sighs, it will be glorious beyond all comprehension.

STAY TUNED for how it (really) turns out!

Here are 200 stars which i have traced, cut out and put holes in, ready to be suspended from the ceiling.. only 300 to go. hurumph!

1 comment:

MillaMitch said...

Oh look, I got a mention! go me and the music!!
Now...500 stars Jessica? I am impressed. It really will take you and me all saturday afternoon to decorate. hooray!