Monday, January 21, 2008

SIGHs, SigHS and MOre SIghiNg

(blogging events today from) YESTERDAy:

I feel compelled to update you all on the Phantom Of The Opera LovE AffaiR.

Collette (aka blogeratzi) decided, in a moment of pure... [seriously i dont know what was going on in her head] I am certain she thought it was "pure genius".

Anyhow, She decided to sing.. a capella..from front to back. Loudly i might add. Each and every song from The Phantom Of The Opera.

(Becc Tutu formely Becc Guglio) loaned the music book to her..

To help you understand the severity of such a singing act. that is 71 pages.. 71!!

back to back of music and lyrics...

Sighs, sighs and sighs some more.. (i'm past the point of no return)

p.P.s : CANT wait for mummy (aka G to the Izzle) to get home.. we've run out of milk and bread.

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MillaMitch said...

Each and every song? that is insane! and a lot of singing!!! haha.