Friday, January 18, 2008

WhatS ThAt SKip?


Ah the sweet scent of exercise...

Yes, thats right. On Tuesday ( you might want to sit down for this)

I, J.Gibson, walked (yes, you heard right) walked into Wine Glass Bay.

My companions were a motley crew including Collette ( the blogeratzi ) [ who by the way just sat down and told me i wasn't allowed to have a blog because she had one first ] , Jade , Lil Kim and Stekky.

Here's what I captured through out the day:

Walking, Walking and More Walking.
(because i was slowest i had to be the leader.. Leave no one behind and all that)

Quiet moments of contemplation.

Kim freaking out about Skippy.

Collette and skippy frolicking in the sand and..

Stekky (aka Hayden) looking at something foreign.

All in all it was a pretty fantastic day with the highlight being poo flinging and the stop in at the elephant pass Elephant Pancake pancakery. (Ah, Yes, food was a highlight.. what else did you expect?)

Where i consumed a massive chocolate pancake with cream AND icecream, and an iced chocolate filled with cream AND icecream. YUMO!!

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