Saturday, January 19, 2008

eLeVENTh hoUR MAcca'S

11:00 pm

A quick trip to the "Honeys bank of choice"

AND a quick trip to the THRONE.. ah relief!

AFTer braving the cold at Tamar Island Reserve we decided to head over the MickeyD's for some R and R.

Mmm.. yummo love that macca's.

(insert a wh-itty smart blogger comment about photo here)

Not much else to say about Macca's i'm sure we have ALL had the macca's experience.. oh yes, there was the dance! WATCH THIS SPACE..

(and i shall endevour to load the video..)


Simone Triffitt said...

My smart comment on that photo is you spell 'whitty' without an h as in 'witty' dear sister!!

Country/City Boy said...

Hmm, my witty comment is "my fry is bigger than your fry" perhaps.

The Kings said...

Simone, Simone - always have to have everything just right hey!? You crack me up!