Friday, January 18, 2008

Cotton Candy

Hello all!
Here is where i tell EVERYBODY that i was accepted into Arts School for 2008 (yee har) and tell you a little bit about my love.

PENTAX super..
Whilst unable to afford a newer manual camera, I am still greatly pleased with the little beauty I found tucked away in storage a couple of months ago.
May I introduce:
Bee Double U or (B.W for short)
When I return to school I will scan some of her photo's and show you what a fantastic lil piece of work she is!

I try not to leave on any trips without her, alas she weighs a tonne so sometimes its difficult to drag her around.


Country/City Boy said...

Oh just to have a camera that works:)

Love the blog thus far miss Jess.

Just incase you didn't notice, you need to clean your face :)

The Kings said...

Hi Jess - I found your blog via Simone's! Good to see you have one now and tell Collette that if you can't have one, then she can't either since Simone had hers first! :)
So you aren't doing education next year then? Congrats on getting into Arts.