Wednesday, February 06, 2008

aVISIT from the NAkED CHef..

We were lucky enough to have Chef Tyller grace us with his presence. In celebration we decided to go play tennis..(THis is CHef TyLLer) ( .. with newly bald head. .. He shaved it for cure for cancer.. yes, he did have a reason to do it)
Collette and I posing for our compulsary tennis posing shots.
Tyller (aka Tilla, Chef Tyller, Baldy) rocking out the court
All was going fantastically swimmingly until..
.. It started to spit down with rain..

Collette was protecting
herself with her unique rain hat until it started pouring then
it all became too much and she ran to the car.. rainPIKER!

But as per usual, The INSANELy insane Jess and newly Naked Chef Tyller (thought we would spare you those topless rain pics) stayed to practice their serves and such..

..Clealy enjoying the rain..


Essie said...

YAY! Loving your blog Jess! That tennis court brings back memories for me! And the kiss pics are gorgeous! Hehe. Love YA!!

MillaMitch said...

haha love the tennis in the rain photos - you are a crazy girl. I think Collette had the right idea to run to the car!

And Tyller looks weird with no hair! haha.