Sunday, February 24, 2008

EsS+POos PressiE


Is the present that i made for Esthers baby shower last week.

I started off with a plain white letter (about $5.50 from local scrapbooking stores)

Using spray adhesive I attached some scrapbooking paper.

(Spray adhesive is often used in photography to attach large photographs to foam core for exhibition. It is non toxic and so does not discolour paper or photo's over time. Its awesome stuff a recommended buy for scrapbooking but it doesnt make heavy materials stick)

And then I decorated, Using a hot glue gun and other bits and bobs about.

(Letter Y was some old jumper material cut to fit and then hot glue gun glued on.)

Here is the finished piece. ENjoy!


Essie said...

So that's how you made them...hehe. And what an awesome job you did Jess! I'm was going to take pics and post on my blog but I think I'll wait 'til I've got them up in the bubba room! (whenever that may be!) You're such a clever cookie!

The Kings said...

They look great! Very cute. (Oma) Cathy and I dropped in this morning to VT you, but you weren't home (or maybe sleeping in - wish it was me :). Hope you have a great first week at uni.

Jessica said...

no I have school most mornings so i'm not there i'll have to catch you guys next time.

Simone Triffitt said...

hey where's my teddy bears??