Monday, May 04, 2009

SNEAK peek

No you cannot see the front its a secret..

So I found this awesome site recently on the internet which I AM ADDICTED TO!
I have brought sooo much off it -- the world of EBAy is my pride and joy.
So GUESS where I just happened to come across a brand new size 6 wedding dress for $100 + $27.00 postage?

Brand new (as you can tell from the pic up the top) because it was used for an add -- so the model wore it and that was it.. they couldnt sell it in the shop.

and NOW it is mine!! mwahaha
anyone know of a good dress maker? so I can add sleeves?


Country/City Boy said...

As far as wedding dresses go and my intricate knowledge of them, I like it, nice choice :)

Nettie's Blog said...

Yes Jessica i do ..she is the lady in the little shop on Wellington Street just on the opposite side to the Glen Dhu Primary Shool and just up from the overpass...just tell i sent you..(she knows me as the lady from the clearance shop at Kings Meadows Meadow Mews) she will look after you for sure. she is a brilliant seamstress plus she is very quick....Love the dress...very you..count down is on now....

The Kings said...

Gotta love ebay!! Hope you get it adapted fast since there's not long to go!!!! :)

Biggest Sis said...

I love the add too! WELL DONE, hope the the next month goes to plan just as nicely!!!

The Parsons Family said...

ohhhhhhh .... so excited to shoot you in that dress!!!!!! With a camera that is!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks every one :) Nettie - Went out there today but the lady said she is only doing hemming and small stuff now :( but ! she said there is a really good place in town called the silver needle who do alot of evening wear so we will go there and check it out tomorrow?

(Chels, im glad your shooting me with a camera too;)

melandpeter said...

Hey Jess,

My mum has a good friend that is a pretty amazing seamstress. She did Chels Honey's dress, and lots of gorgeous outfits/ball dresses for mum. I also can give you the lady who did my dress, but I think she'd be pretty expensive!
Ask my mum about both these ladies.