Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Indented Head

There is a place along the coast called Indented Head. On a cold blustery day (the week after the One Direction Concert) we took a road trip out that way to enjoy the scenery and drop lunch off to Hunna (who had forgotten his!) while he was working (in his 10 day stint) as a labourer.

We jumped out and braved the cold for 50 seconds to take some photos to prove we had ventured out on such a horrible day. Boy was not very happy about the weather - and the coat and hat.

Em freezing!

Jackets and scarves weren't enough to fend off the cold so we quickly jumped back in the car.

the knees and the Louis jeans.

The view (from the car)

I have some exciting news about Hunna's employment! yee ..

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melandpeter said...

You can't leave us in suspense for too long!! Can't wait to hear your news on Kyle's job front. Oh yeah - and nice outing. Looked cold!!