Friday, May 25, 2012

2 going on 80

Boy turned the big TWO the other day.
 After last year we decided to have a quiet party at home.

We celebrated by visiting Nan and Em and going out for a special birthday dinner the night before (Boy got some presents including another angry bird to add to his collection) so the morning of his birthday we set them up so we could knock them down again.. and again.. and again.

After breakfast we put our clothes on and Gran arrived home with a special treat for Boy before we left for Tree house. Can you guess what the treat was?

Boys most absolute favourite food in the WHOLE world is blueberries. He will eat an entire punnet in 10 seconds flat.

After eating his blueberries we left for his first day at Day Care.

We only went for an hour orientation but I can tell Boy is going to have a blast when he starts for real (one day a week) next month.

I don't know what I will do with myself for a whole day ;)

That afternoon Boy helped to make his very special birthday cake (pictures further down)

After Dadda got home from work the fun began and boy had his first ever haircut.

Then we opened presents

Uncle Robert & Aunty Jess came over to celebrate with us.

We ate ALL of Boys most favourite foods for dinner.

Sliced Beetroot
Hot chips
Corn on the cob

Then it was time for the cake! (brace yourself)

A Lego cake! (or something that slightly resembles lego)

We blew out TWO candles for the big 2 year old.

Then ate our cake up.

When it was time for bed- Mumma & Dadda talked to boy about what it means to be a big 2 year old. 

Now Boy is allowed to have one side of his cot off, when he feels comfortable with that one side down we will turn it into a little boy bed. Just the right size for a big 2 year old.

Happy Birthday Bastian.

5 things we love about our Boy

1. His obsession with "shoeses"which leads to stinky feet.
2. His love for babies/dolls - or bear (the substitute) & how gentle he is with them.
3. His two footed jumping skills 
4. his sense of humour
5. his helpful side.

We love your old man ways. x


Nettie's Blog said...

oh my gosh...he is two already????? happy birthday Boy and many many more to come....

melandpeter said...

Glad it was a happy birthday. I love that he got to eat all of his favourite things in the one meal. Pretty awesome!