Friday, May 18, 2012


The day before Em departed we took a trip to Bowl-a-rama .. in the month of May they have a special for $1.99 games pp between 9am & 5pm which is perfect for us!

And also perfectly within in our poor person lifestyle.. although, you are only as poor as your imagination (so in this situation we were very rich!) But seriously, who knew bowling could be so expensive? Also they don't even lend you free socks anymore! You have to buy them or bring your own. So, yes ...the $1.99 games were perfect.

Boy had never been bowling before and absolutely loved walking into a place that had the most balls he had ever seen. He was in heaven and was letting us know about it by pointing excitedly and saying "wow, ball!"

Em played without the bumpers for the first time and we had a smashing time together trying to hit any pins at all..

Fun at the alley! 

The day we went bowling marked the last day with Em visiting us. Her epic 19 day stay had come to a close. Boy was particularly sad after her departure asking "Where Em?" for days to come.

We loved having you over to stay with us and injecting some life into the party that is "life at The Shire" Em. xx

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